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Hobbyking ZH Yaks(54 or 55)

Hey guys, just wanna say I love the show. I've been looking at the ZH yak 54 from Hobbyking and I think a lot of others would be interested and so this is a request to please review either the 54 or 55. It'd be good too because everyone wants to move from foam to balsa eventually and at the price, why not?!

Thanks in advance


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah that would be a nice idea because balsa has its own note in flying a bit faster and more exact then with foamies.

However, I don´t know if you have seen this episode about the Edge where they fly it at a beach? I think Edge, Yak, Extra are all kind of the same class. That my give you an idea of what quality you get from HK in those balsa planes.

HK Edge 540 Review
yeah i have seen it, but it's a different size to the Yaks and the Yaks have been around for a long time, apparantly they're quite good quality. Maybe the Yak or the Extra 260 49 Inch? thats a nice plane.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Oh yeah the size might be something to look at more closely.
Yeah I mean why not! I like watching 3D planes fly especially when they are pushed to their limits.

I would appreciate a smaller balsa model to start with for balsa planes so your idea isnt bad!
I am up for it!