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Homemade photography quad crash ...


Junior Member
Hello, so I'v built and flown a couple of time my s500 quadcopter. It weighs 1.5 KG and hovers around half throttle. I have had a frequent problem of it just losing power suddenly, which is due to the turnigy banana connectors not being wide enough with the two banana connectors attached to the power distribution board, so they have room to move slightly which sometimes causes the board to reboot, so I have to tape the connections together for safe flight.

However, today, luckily I was only about half a meter off the ground hovering, without my cameras on the quad, it just flipped upside down, as if I had gone full roll left and lost power and landed upside down on the concrete. There were a few scratches but no real damage luckily. But it got me thinking, if that had happened 100m up ...

I didn't press anything on my tx, so im not sure what would have caused this sudden roll and loss of power to happen ..

Any idea's??

Im running the OpenPilot CC3D .. battery wasnt low or anything I have a low voltage buzzer on it ..

Any help appreciated
upgrade those connectors with a male / female set that works!


as far as the quad flipping my guess is it could be a few different thing. maybe the quad was not balanced which made the heavy side fall. Or the two motors on one side spun for a fraction of a second longer for some reason. I can't say for sure, but I would def replace those connectors and see how it goes from there.