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How do I scan, scale, and print plans in PDF

Can anyone explain to someone not strong in computer use (me) how to take a set of plans that are on 8.5x11 paper, scan them into some sort of program, rescale them to full or another scale and save them to print out from the pdf format at the new scale? I really want to learn this and tried to go through some sketchup tutorials and got lost..Need help....


Builder Extraordinare
Well, the way I would do this would be the following:
Scan each page if not already done so.
Use GIMP (free) to paste together each page into one large plan. use as high of a resolution as you can without making your computer crash. Best to do 1:1 ratio. So, get the full-size plan dimensions and start with a blank picture that way. I recommend 300dpi resolution. Paste each page into your new picture and crop as needed. You can make each page a layer and edit it individually.
Once you are done export to PDF.
You should be able to print out at any scale at this point in your print dialog making sure to tile all pages and include cut marks.

The other non cost-effective way is to print it out and piece the pages together. Take that to a copy center and have them enlarge it and print it for you. You will have to pay for the scan and the enlarged printout. Large format scanning is not cheap. I've had a couple of my old plans scanned and it was about $20-30 a pop.
Download the full plans on a usb flash drive, take it up to office max and tell them you want full size black and white prints. Cost between 6-8 bucks.