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I did goofed with Tx selection, what now?

Okay, me being noob and used to use thumbs from china quads, got me to buy Turnigy evolution from hobbyking and their reciever. I heard good things about it, but didn't realize they came from multicopter world and it is missing some important plane features. Soo, what should I do now? Buy Turnigy 9X or taranis qx7.
I want to build a V tail glider and a wing. So I need mixing, expos and trimming. Will the 9x do (so i don't waste one reciever)?


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It's hard to go wrong with the QX7. The receivers are expensive, but the radio will do whatever you ask it to, and it does it reliably.


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Turnigy 9X is easier to setup than a Taranis. It takes a while and lots of Youtube vids to figure out the Taranis's Open Tx, but it's more versatile when you get the hang of it. If you can manage an Open Tx transmitter, rather than a Taranis, there's the Jumper T12, which looks and feels like a toy transmitter, but it has all the features of the Taranis, plus it has the JP4in1 module, which can bind with just about all receivers, including the ridiculously cheap Orange ones from Hobbyking, and it's a lot cheaper than a Taranis. I have a Taranis QX7S, but now I only use my T12 because I can get all my planes with different types of receiver on the one transmitter. I only bought the T12 out of curiosity to see if it was any good. I didn't expect it to become my preferred transmitter!


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Yes, the 9x will work fine for a little while, but the QX7 is a much more capable long term radio. Depending on your budget and how much you want to invest in the radio, you could go either way and be fine. If you are pretty darn sure you are going to be hooked in this hobby and flying for years and building lots more planes, I'd say go the QX7 now - but if you try out lots of different hobbies for a while and then frequently move on to other things (nothing wrong with that by the way) then the 9x can save you a little money and still get your v tail in the air


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I 2nd the Jumpter idea for a budget. I've got 2 of the T8SG's - yes, they're a bear to learn to program, but once you figure it out, they are actually really good radios. I fly all of my quads, a big sailplane, some foamies a few boats, and a land sailer with mine, but I do use Spektrum for my big planes DX8

it all depends on the budget - but you could probably sell the Turnigy and at least recoup some money.


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I would go with the Turnigy 9x. It's easier to use and will work with the rx you already have. Not like you can't upgrade to Spectrum or FrSky later down the road if you get really into the hobby. Unless you plan on going hardcore you'd probably not use most of the features the qx7 offers. In my opinion, go cheap at first and upgrade later. I started with Flysky i6x and upgraded to spektrum once I got really into it. I use my Flysky transmitter for the wife or soon my kids (hopefully).

Just my opinion though. Both options you gave are good. Ones easier to use and one offers more features. If you don't mind doing your research and learning to use it then maybe the qx7 might be a better fit.
I am hooked and there is no going back. I love building and want to build all kinds of planes, and that is where the Tx limits me. I am afraid the 9x will do the same in the long run. The cons of Taranis are the price of rx, spring on throttle (why would they do that?!), and the need for baterries.

I don't understand what exactly does the taranis better than 9x. And I am trying to figure out what Tx will be just enough (price and functionality wise) for me.

P.S. So far I have a mig 3 wich flies surprisingly well given I scratch built it. and I want a glider, wing, small warbird and a quadcopter emax tinyhawk is tempting so much. but I already spent so much this month, quads and fpv will have to wait
I got my Turnigy 9X for $49 on sale, it's the version 2 (AFHDS 2A system). While it may not be a top of the line transmitter & is a little big, it's very moddable (is that a word?) and receivers are easy to find.

The stock firmware is kinda weird, but I've had no problem getting it to work with elevons and V tails.

So, while not the best transmitter, it's really hard to beat for the price.

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I made the switch from Spektrum to Taranis a couple months ago and love the QX7. i bought another for my son last week. I buy the DR4-II receivers from Amazon For $24.00 and I have them in 2 days.

Programming is not as simple as other radios but not as difficult as I was anticipating. Here's a great video to give you an idea of the openTX software and how to program various plane configurations.

Options are good. Happy Shopping!



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I bought and use a Taranis X9D plus with a 4-in-1 module that covers just about every conceivable RC protocol. I use FrSky, FlySky, and Spektrum receivers. The negative side of it, the initial cost of the radio and the module. The QX7 also has a JR style module, so that is an option to use cheaper receivers with the added module cost being about $50.00
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I bought and use a Taranis X9D plus with a 4-in-1 module that covers just about every conceivable RC protocol. I use FrSky, FlySky, and Spektrum receivers. The negative side of it, the initial cost of the radio and the module. The QX7 also has a JR style module, so that is an option to use cheaper receivers with the added module cost being about $50.00
I bought a Taranis QX7S, but then I needed a transmitter to work my Hobbyzone planes. Rather than get the module for the Taranis, I bought a Jumper T12 that already has the 4in1 module in it. The transmitter with the module is less than half the price of the Taranis without the module, and it can do everything the Taranis can and more. It feels a bit like a toy, but works perfectly. My Taranis is mothballed. I guess that I could switch the 4in1 module over to it, but I'm happy using the T12.
Yeah I would also recommend the qx7. It is really really good with the Hall effect gimbal upgrade. Plus you can use it if decide to get into drones or something else. What I’m saying is the flysky radios are good but the qx7 is much more flexible and offer way more for the price


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Don't discount spektrum. I moved from Flysky i6x to the spekrum dx8e. It's a super nice radio. Rx's are super cheap too if you go with lemon rx or orange rx. You can get a base lemon rx for like $14 or get the one with built in stabilizer for $30. Havent had an issue yet with a lemon rx.

Plus the spektrum dx8e is super easy to use, binds to MANY store bought planes and quads, and has LOADS of support out there. The gimbals are amazing too, super smooth with a nice tension in them. Someone said earlier a transmitter won't make you a better pilot but I feel like my flying is a bit better on my dx8e than it was on my i6x. Much smoother feel.

Anyway, everyone has their preference and you'll never get a definite answer on which to pick. Lol But if your SUPER into the hobby and money isn't a huge factor then I would go with either a Spektrum or FrSky.
Thank you guys for so many replies.
I will try to return the Tx and Rx to hobbyking, if that works I will get the Qx7 and reciever right away, if not, I will move on from the wing and glider for a while, maybe practice building on other projects (I wanna try painting planes, build some Nerdnic planes) and after saving up a bit and getting sure I want to still pursue those projects I will upgrade to something more serious.

Anyway, I want to share the bird. I maidened it in a windy weather, but it was sitting there finished for 3 days of rain and I couldn't wait any longer. It was my first experience of real flight, broke 3 props (mainly because of the wind) and have to I was suruprised how easy it flew.
(please ignore the servo wire glued between fuesalage and wing)