Should I give up on planes and stick with multi rotors?

I will try switching to my last turnigy aerodrive 1000kv motor with an 8045 prop.
The only problem with this setup is that the aerodrive motor started burning red the last time I tried it with my plush 30amp esc.


OK I'm going to weigh in with my noob experiences. I just started this hobby last year and I have an evergrowing collection of broken props
cut size.jpg

You learn real fast that the slow light planes dont handle the wind well at all, sometimes it was all I could do to get my FT-flyer to go upwind at all LOL and after all the repairs it ended up going from

to this


My flyer was a great trainer but when I was ready to move on and started flying the Versa wing I was really surprised how fun and easy it was to handle and after all the crashes that I had with it I only broke 2 props mainly cause it was a pusher design.

.001 version 2.jpg

SOOOO if I were to do it all over again with the knowledge I have now I'd put that prop on backwards and fly the versa since it was by far the best time I've had so far.


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I will try switching to my last turnigy aerodrive 1000kv motor with an 8045 prop.
The only problem with this setup is that the aerodrive motor started burning red the last time I tried it with my plush 30amp esc.
What size aerodrive? The esc isn't the issue. The prop adds a load to the motor. If the motor can't handle the load, that is when it heats up and fails. The ESC will only fail if the motor is pulling more amps than the ESC can handle by having too large a motor/prop combo for the ESC.

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I was about to give up on learning to fly again or going to something like the apprentice to learn on.
All my take offs were from the ground and off of grass fields. this last week I flew with a friend for the first time and he hand launched it as we were flying in a pasture and i got about a 15 sec. flight I prevented a nose dive and then prevented a wing over crash but then I exhaled and crashed but I considered it a success and am ready for another go as soon as weather permits. I have broken 10 props so far and I have ordered several 2 times now as I figure every take off means a broken prop. I fly an ft flyer also and have an old fogey also but am getting ready to build the smash drone to help cut down on broken props. So just keep at it and it will all come together one day and will all be worth it


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Learning to fly RC planes can take a while. I know it took me longer than some. I broke props. Lots and lots of props.

I want to make something like the Bixler or Floater Jet. I'm currently decent at flying, but still not the best. So I know that even I would benefit from a pusher plane. I don't know about you, but I want something cheap, easy to fix, and doesn't break props every time I have a whoopsie.

Since it's warming up I plan on starting to build more. Hopefully I'll start on my Bixler clone soon and I'll definitely start a build thread on it. Although I don't have a name or project code name for it yet. I don't like the thrust angle of the Bixler so I'm going to make it a high wing with the prop directly behind it. Similar to the Smash Drone. I know I don't need to re-invent the wheel, but I hope to make mine a 4 channel and sleek enough to handle the wind really well.
Xume, I have turnigy aerodrive 2822 1080 based on what I can read from the motor.
I was using 8045R prop on this motor when it decided to burn red while on the swappable power pod.
I switched to my trusted DT-750 motors since then.
Is a smash drone better than ft flyer to learn flying?
I just ordered turnigy 2822/14 1400kv motors hoping that they are light enough replacement for DT-750, but without the torque roll.

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I don't know if the smash drone or something like it is easier to learn on than the flyer is but they will save props and be able to glide better. I think they will be able to handle just a LITTLE more wind as most are a glider type.


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My 12 year old son and I also felt like giving up on Sunday ..... reading this post gave us hope again after crashing his nut ball and my ft flyer to bits, we repaired and will try again. I got one perfect full sircle in the air, however on the last turn the plane turned on it side and slam d in to he ground up side down.

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isn't it great when you get that much flying for the first time.
42 yrs ago I was so excited getting my first flight of about 3 min. but had an instructor have to take over as I screwed up and had to land it for me. I had spent 2 months building that one and so nervous.
Now I am having to learn all over again. Believe me it will come.
Now I get it. It is easier to learn this hobby on a buddy/trainer chord setup where an experienced flyer manages our noob mistakes and avoids the costly (time, money, frustration) crashes.

Once I become proficient in flying, I will offer this freely to anyone living close by.
I only wish someone is available close by to offer this help to me right now ;)
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