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I just made my anycopter tri fold-able!

Hi guys i recently roughly landed my anycopter tri and broke both front arms :( , so i thought why not try and do something a little different as i was having trouble storing it somewhere. so i thought why not try and make it fold-able and then set to work on drilling new arms and thinking of how i would secure the arms in the open position. after a little bit of thinking i came up with having a block in the way (slightly smaller dimentions) so that friction alone would be enough to hold the arms there and i have to say it worked brilliantly.

i am currently having issues with the kk2 board as the tri copter 'wobbles' during flight (i think thats due to me using 200mm length arms instead of 250mm). i am going to alter the gains soon and get this stable again. but please feel free to post your KK2 PI settings for ailerons and elevator for a tri copter with arms around 200mm in length. please share them if you think it would help me.

below are some images of my finished project.

Feel free to ask me any questions :D



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From the KK2 Q&A thread:

Roll/pitch P-tuning:

Set the gains and limits to the following values:

Roll/Pitch P-gain: 30 (For a small 25cm size set to 20)
Roll/Pitch P-limit: 100
Roll/Pitch I-gain: 0
Roll/Pitch I-limit: 20
Reduce your P-gains.


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they are a lot easier to carry around when they fold, thats one of the main reasons I went with Davids tri copter design, and then changed it to the optimized , hence all the holes in the frame that i don't need.....I was a bit worried about the weight of mine to start off with as all the components when i added up there weight from hobbyKings website came out a lot higher than the actual weight of it built 670 grams or around 1.3 pounds. Have you updated the firmware on your board yet? I'm still waiting on the usbasp device from HobbyKing but with stock settings it hovers quite well with little input by me. I like it!!!! cant wait to upgrade my firmware, then i might have a bit more confidence when i know the self leveling will work. as for the length of the booms, i went with 35 cm for the two front and 37 for the rear giving me 39.5 inches from prop to prop, I wanted a tri that would give me a little of both, meaning still nice and stable to learn on but short enough to still give me reasonably good turning ability without it being too sluggish. I figured that it is easier to shorten them latter on anyway but a re soldering job to lengthen them.
nice build though..on to the next ay!!!!hehe