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I need help with wing measurements.

I have just recalculated my trainer and it will be 900 grams. To be safe, the wings will be 175 dm^2.
I want to have an aspect ratio of ten, so 10x^2 will equal 131.25 dm^2. When I do the math, the wings are ridiculously large for no reason. How do you calculate the wing sizes from a base weight. Please help me.
Thank you for your time.


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As i mentioned in the other post. Calculate the wing are based on a wing load if 60 to 90 g/dm^2


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Firstly any size wing will support the proposed weight if the wing is strong enough and the plane can travel fast enough so do not panic!

The question which your question raises in my mind is how you could possibly know the all up weight of the plane from your calculations and not even know the size and form of the wing! As the wing can weigh more than a fuselage when built from FB the MATHS do not add up!

Obviously the weight is important to your calculations but the wing weight does not seem to be relevant to your calculations so what is the weight target you seek and can you give reasons, (Load, FPV gear weight, Etc). Could it be that you have a motor prop combination in mind?

I have built a large number of trainers of various types out of FB and most are in the range of 400g to 1.2Kg, some low wing, some mid wing, and most high wing, (plus occasional biplane and flying wings), so please elaborate on your design parameters.

We will help if we can but without the right input and formula or calculation will give an erroneous output!

Have fun!