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I want to fly an A-4 at Flite Fest...

I need help again. please see my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=von73a9liH0 and respond on this forum, please.
Looking good, actually!

The gap: The fuselage does not fit IN the gap, so what you have is correct; it sits on top of the wing. ALSO: Trim back the two spars that are in the gap in the wing - that is where you will slide the battery (slide it in from the nose).

The nose: The two side edges on the nose should have score-marks where you should remove a bit of foam, leaving the paper on the outside - this allows a bit of overlap on the sides for you to glue the nose to the fuselage. If you trimmed it a bit short or long on one side, don't sweat it, just trim and glue to fit using the bottom point as your guide, and make sure the nose is straight to the fuselage.

The bottom plate: That bottom piece goes on the rear-underside of the fuselage, just aft of the wing.

You're close, keep it up!! :cool:
In post #83, the tenth photo says something about the "batter" and sneaking it under the edf. Is that actually the esc under the edf? Does the battery to forward of that? Can you clarify this for me? BTW, the plans are great. Everything fits together like a glove
LOL, that would be the "battery". In the latest iterations I've actually be placing the ESC in the side of the inlet wall, in front of the EDF. You have to snake the motor wires under (or over) towards the front, but it puts the ESC in a perfect cooling path.

The battery is supposed to slide in through the nose, under the inlet and under the EDF. It basically sits "IN" the wing root.
My A-4 SkyHawk is finished

I finished my Skyhawk and maidened her today. The maiden went great with a little hand launch help from one of the guys at the field. Amazed how well she flies. Great response even on low rates. My power comes from the edf and esc from my recently destroyed Dynam Meteor and proved to be more than enough thrust. Half throttle was more than enough. Thank you Mid7night for a great design! I added some 3d printed parts including air scoops and this funny looking piece used to keep the battery from sliding out of it's place. That's Velcro on the bottom. Works great. Dry weight came to 712g and I flew 3 minutes on a 3k 4cell battery. I can still fit a 4k 4cell in the slot and stay under your specified AUW. No maiden video yet. I'm looking for a good free video editor for Windows 10 to download.


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WOW! What a beautiful build! I love the details, the paint, everything. Honestly, even I haven't put that much time and work into any of my A-4 builds, and I've built half a dozen at least by now. :p

Please share video whenever you can!
Love this plane! Just finished building my MPCNC machine for cutting planes and since I have been looking forward to building this model Im going to dive in.
Your plans are fantastic. The only issue so far is the pattern used to identify a large area where paper is removed- I use Inkscape to arrange the parts before sending them over to a cad program- that textured area really bogs the computer down! But no big deal. I have two sheets of parts cut so far. If anybody has a MPCNC and wants the Gcode let me know!
I finally have all the parts cut out. Wing went together nice. Now I just have to wait for the slow boat to deliver my banggood order....




Awesome! SO glad to see another Skyhawk taking shape! I'll defer your thanks on the plans to SP0NZ; he cleaned up and reformatted them, and had to deal with all my last-minute revisions along the way. Thanks again Dan!
Hey Ben!
On the fuse sides by the inlet, there is a little BLUE rectangle on the plans- As I am fitting things together it looks like that should be a notch for the lower fan mount? (in which case it should be orange?) Or am I way off base?

I started the fuse and the nose. Don't want to go to far without the EDF... For the nose I just shaped a few pieces of foam glued to the front. This is a really fun plane to build.



Great to see others building this great plane. I flew mine again yesterday and just amazed how nicely it flys. Hand launch works best with lots of up elevator. I'm thinking of building another with retracts this time.