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IB Crazy V antenna Problem

My old stock antenna for my 1.3 ghz 300mw transmitter broke in a crash and i decided to replace it with a V antenna which I got off of ready made rc. However, Now my video is black and white and much more grainy. Could this be a result of the V antenna? I seem to be pretty good at running into random problems like this. So frustrating.
I have the same transmitter.
Make sure that you are using the same channels on your TX and your RX. Try other frequencies, which RX are you using?
If you can't fix this problem contact readymaderc support, they are really helpfull. I'm sure that they will be able to fix your problem ;) Also check the wires coming out of your camera.. Can you show me a picture of the broken antenna? Are you sure that your TX is alright?

I am using the same channels and everything is fine with the camera output wires. What would make the image black and white and grainy though? All i can think of is that the v antenna isn't tuned perfectly to 1280 mhz because after all it is hand made.
I just received another stock antenna and I have the same problem. I am going to guess there is something wrong with the transmitter. I believe it did spend some time on without its antenna which may have done something.
How long was the transmitter turned on without antenna? I'm afraid your transmitter is fried :( You should probably get a new one...
I got a new transmitter and I have the same problem so the antenna and transmitter are both fine. I have no explanation to why i am still getting a black and white image and noise