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IDEA FOR FLITE FEST COMPETITION [diy rc skydiver contest]

[competition overview] One thing I like to do is design and build RC skydivers, but I haven't seen many other people building them. So I was thinking that people could design their own RC skydivers and have a landing accuracy competition at flite fest. How it would work is we would use a drone or RC cargo plane [this may present a problem since I don't have either] to carry 3 skydivers at a time up into the air, The skydivers would be dropped and the pilots would fly them down. There would be a large target on the ground and the closest skydiver to the bulls eye wins. there would be a few rounds depending on how many people participate.
All types of skydivers are welcome. Any canopy type is welcome: rectangular [ram air] , vented round [Para commander style and easiest to make], Rogallo wing canopies [an example would be the Irving delta 2 parachute] or even vented cruciform [ the easiest to make]. your skydiver doesn't even have to be controllable

[How do I make an RC skydiver anyway????] The good news is its actually not that complicated. First, you should probably understand how a round or cruciform parachute works [how it moves] here is a video that explains the basics.

I will post a tutorial video for making a simple rc skydiver.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this idea. feel free to reply to this thread.

both pictures are of vented round rc
skydiving parachutes


What a cool idea! Doesn't look like it gained much traction. This has real potential to be a big crowd pleasure at the event. I would like to see community generated, scheduled events back at Flite Fest. There were none this year. Keep pushing this!


Knower of useless information
Makes me think of how we play "horseshoes" during our monthly Combat Trifecta events. Everyone flies their Versa Wings up to a certain height, someone yells, "CUT!" and you have to cut your throttle and glide in to see who gets closest to a plastic soccer cone. Where it gets fun is that if someone hits the cone and moves it, whoever's closest to the cone gets the most points. :)

Not QUITE the same as the RC skydiver, but still a lot of fun.