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Pumpkin drop event

Ideas for 1000'th flight...

Hey guys,

Been awhile since I have posted, but man has it been a fun summer. My Workhorse Sport Cub S was finally given a couple wing mates around 2.25 months into its lifespan and has now been moved into retirement to let the other 4 birds get some sky. It is now only flown once or twice per session, instead of 5-25 per session.

That said, I am thinking it is approaching one of the most used and highly flown sport cubs our there. I have logged my flights and am past 780 flights total... Its slowly creeping towards 1000 flights!

In that time I've gone through 7 motors (just installed number 8 today), 3 Prop Shafts (two worn to a wobble, one broken), and a set of brass bushings (which got so worn they pre-maturely ate through prop shaft 3).

The plane just turned 3 months old on 8/28/19!

So, with this all in mind, and knowing its been relegated to back duty, I am thinking I have about 6 months before I have her around 950-990 flights. That gives me a bit of time to try and plan for a proper celebration to mark the occasion.

Anyone have any suggestions? What have you all done to mark/celebrate an individual plane making it so long?