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Ideas for new aircraft

Well, I've been going through the forum and the website recently and was looking at all the ingenious designers and all. I was thinking that the guys at flite test should take on some building techniques that were invented for balsa building. How about making a profile and formers of the desired air plane and then coating it with poster board or heavier tissue paper (to prevent you fingers from poking holes in it). This way the models could become "more scale," since I an big into scale RC aircraft. This way if you a balsa builder, you can cut the formers out of wood and if you're a foamy person you can cut them out of foam. This would make everyone happy. Also, have the people at flite test ever thought of selling ARF and Plug'n'Fly versions of their planes. This could help increase sales because i know a lot of people who like like to do on stop shopping and so they don't like flite test. also, getting s plane and having to fully assemble it is wuite annoying on a calm day in the middle if July. Just some suggestions on how to enhance you builders skills and the buyers experience.
Adding to this, what about buying the rights (even if legally you don't have to it's still the right thing to do) to the plans for airplanes that other people that have designed swappables and making sbk and build videos for them, this would save the flite test crew a lot of time designing and building, and get people interested in designing their own aircraft. Even if you pay the person $10-$20 bucks, you make that up within the first 10 sbk (since all the materials are rally cheap) and you set initiative into your viewers heads to get them to design more. I'm not saying that every time someone posts a build log and plans to the website/forum you have to buy the "rights" to it, I merely saying its not really fair to say design/build/sell a p38 or a bf109 (which by the way there are some very nice plans available for them on the website) and take all the credit when really these other folks designed/built/released plans for first. Just throwing that idea of there.