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Hello everyone i'm new to the rc game and will be seeking lots of assistance in getting into the air with fixed wing. Last year I went out on a limb and purchased a phantom 3 drone and I love it, so recently I began building a wing, bought a cheap spektum radio and receiver and really enjoyed the build I havent flown it yet because I dont want to loose it. So I'm wondering if is should put a flight controller in it for returned to home. Also any first flight tips will be helpful


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Flying an RC model aircraft is an acquired hand skill and the ability to plan and react dynamically,

Trainer aircraft are designed to assist in the development of the requisite skills. A newbie is wise to avoid wings initially as they can be extremely responsive unless quite large! better to keep the wing until you have crashed the HECK out of a trainer aircraft design.

As for the use of a flight controller with a RTB function, it is your money!! When the battery gets low the RTB function can be spectacular! As there is a lot of forward motion including during landing It would be interesting how you will program in the flying field environment, the landing glide slope and of course get the wind direction changes if any into the program and have the plane land safely. Don't forget the stall speed, (You will be considering the NET airspeed I assume).

You can't stop an RC aircraft in midair and then have it lower itself gently to the ground, though it is quite possible to have vertical landings, (mostly only once per aircraft though)!

Just a few thoughts!

Have fun!


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A stabiliser would help a lot. You can get stabiliser receivers or buy a separate stabiliser. The problem is that you have to set them up right, for which a bit of experience helps. I agree with what'sabove, that you should learn on a trainer plane before chucking a wing in the air.


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Everything @Hai-Lee said is true. It's not always what someone wants to hear, Myself included!! :p

I'm still finding my way with RC Aircraft.... Having to UNLEARN a few things along the way. Try to take the Advice you're given. The Hobby is so much more fun when you're not crashing all the time!!

It will happen anyway, keeping it to a minimum is the key to success!


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So I'm wondering if is should put a flight controller in it for returned to home. Also any first flight tips will be helpful
A flight controller, with RTH, no. Stability, like SAFE, yes. FC are very complicated, you’ve got enough to learn with out adding the complexity of a FCer. The Phantom 3 is a great platform, is works because DJI have tuned it for you. If you change the Phantom, like put a larger camera on it. It will out of tune and fly lousy, until you tune it for the extra weight.

Tips, find a location club and join it. Let them teach you to fly. Get a flight simulator, plenty of free ones like Phoenix.


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Thank you all for your advice. I also have flite test simple club that i'm almost finished with and i'll practice with that, I plan to join a club and take a few lessons. Well thanks a lot i will try remember your advice, I will have fun.

thanks again


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Thank you all for your advice.
SAFE is great technology, it does have on negative, some get too dependent on it. Use beginner mode for the first 2-3 flights. Next start taking off in beginner but spend most of the flight in intermediate, land in beginner. Finally quit using beginner and begin moving towards advance mode. I’ve seen some who never got off beginner mode. Just remember where the recovery button is.