I'm looking for a comparable motor to this


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Here is a link to a motor that I have now. It's a Tacon Bigfoot 160 245kv. It's rated up to 14S. I've run mine on 12S with no problems.


Unfortunately, Hobby Partz has had this motor on Backorder FOREVER. Would anyone know of another motor that would be similar to this motor and still be roughly the same price? The Tacon motor is $63 and is full of power. I'd really like to have 5 more of these motors for two separate upcoming projects.

Please help!


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Yes, for the price, it has some amazing power!

I did find that Hobby Parts can be contacted via Facebook messenger. I sent them a message, last night, and I got a reply within a matter of minutes. Apparently Hobby Partz has a pending shipment from China. As we all know, lol, shipments from China can be shipped within a few hours or a few weeks....but, I have been put on the waiting list because I want 5 of these Tacon motors. One will go on a ground rover that I'd like to build and the other 4 will be for a multirotor project, lol.


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The link that you gave took me to the Tacon Big Foot 15 motor. I'm looking for the Big Foot 160 motor.

However, I did search their site for the 160 motor and it's also, unfortunately, unavailable.

Thanks for trying and I appreciate your time!


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Ok, I don't know what your budget is, but here is what I'm finding that is at least comparable.

Scorpion SII-4035-250KV
This motor has the same 2700W power rating, but is only rated to a 12s max. Shaft diameter is the same at 8mm, it also weighs less than the Tacon motor. Because it's a Scorpion it has a price to match at $170. Here is the manufacturer's page on it:

DualSky ECO5322C-V2 300KV
This is ballpark close in specs. Max power is rated at 2560W and also has an 8mm shaft. Issue might be the LiPo cell count rating, which is listed as only 8 cells max. Price is $82.33

SubSonic Planes Motrofly DM4330-255
Their website is a little old school (cumbersome), but here is a link. The motor is near the bottom of the page.

That Tacon is a big motor, it's difficult to find comparable stuff in that size/power range. I'm sure there are some other options out there (without going to hobbyking) but I'm running out of options within the brands that I know about.