1. Mr.Grinch

    Monster Motor Battery Selection

    I recently picked up a pair of FT Monster motors and intend to (hopefully) build a Monster sized plane for FF24. I was considering the Monster Cruiser from the 400th episode or an oversized Guinea. I'd like to get the plane up to cruise around for a check flight, then put it up into combat...
  2. P

    Is there a way to filter planes in the store, or plans, by power pack?

    I lawn darted my old explorer & am looking for something else to use the gear in. (something I can set up for night flying) It would be great if we could filter the planes by power packs.
  3. D

    Frsky Taranis X9 Lite S compatibility with Horizon Hobby PnP models?

    Hey guys sorry if this question has been beat to death, but I can't find any specific answers. So as far as I've gathered Horizon Hobby owns Spektrum, therefore a lot of their models are tailored to those feature sets (correct me if I'm wrong), so I'm wondering if I got the X9 Lite S, would I be...
  4. C

    Tiny Trainer Price

    I've been recommended the tiny trainer for my first plane. People are saying it's inexpensive, but when I look on the flight test store, it's about $320 for the kit, electronics, controller, and glue gun. Is there a cheaper way to make and fly the plane? Thanks
  5. H

    What budget transmitter is better?

    What budget transmitter is better? Flysky FS-i6X or FrSky Taranis X9 Lite?
  6. 2jujube7

    Project ideas?

    Hi everyone, I've been building and flying Flite Test planes for about 6 months now, and I'm currently lucky enough to be in school, not online. I feel pretty confident in both my flying and designing abilities. I have a study hall currently planned for my second semester in high school (10th...
  7. Flyingshark

    Solved Can the FT DR1 run on power pack A?

    What it says in the title. I'm considering building a DR1, but on the store it only shows the F pack and a 3s as an option. I have an A pack 1806 motor and 2s and 3s batteries, so I was hoping one of those combinations might work. Has anyone built a DR1 with that kind of setup? Might I need to...
  8. Charlbarl

    Swept tail elevator design?

    Hey everyone! Hope you've been staying safe and healthy. I've been designing a new foamie with swept wing and tail and am stuck on how to implement elevators with the swept tail. I can't really find any example and want to tie elevators to one servo... Any single elevator setup tends to bend the...
  9. C

    Help Needed

    I am looking to get this fixed wing for our school cadet force. They will be learning on simpler systems but we'd love to get one of the below. Could anyone help with directing us to everything we'd need to get this flying with the end aim of using it as a sort of surveillance drone. We're in...
  10. Longtoes

    Wondering about aircraft propeller sizes

    Hi! I'm glad to finally make an account after watching Flite Test for quite a few years. Today I'd like to ask about propeller efficiency and how it correlates with aircraft range. So, from what I've gathered from data, it seems larger props unanimously produce more thrust for a given amount of...
  11. duckduckgoose

    Noob forum poster here: Are Google Drive Links (to modified plans) allowed here?

    I recently made my first post and added a google drive link to where i saved all the plans. is this ok? thanks
  12. S

    Help! Calling All Quadcopter Drone Owners

    Share your opinions about your favorite drones with us! Rex WorldWide, an Illinois-based engineering firm, is determined to create new, cutting-edge quadcopter drone models and services for everyone, but we need your help. If you own or have owned a drone, let us know what you think of it...
  13. KarlBormanAZ

    Sharp bends over spar vs. wing ribs

    Has the question ever been asked about the reason for most if not all of the wing builds using foam board utilize the method of creasing and sharp angle bending the foam over the spar as opposed to the use of wing ribs? Other than the obvious answer of simplicity and ease of build, I am at a...
  14. Joexer

    Hi all, attempting third build as an FT Simple Storch, Have some questions.

    Hi All, first post here. Self assessing I would like to believe i am at the higher end of the novice spectrum and I can fly a Nano Talon without gyro quite well. I really enjoy slow flyers so I bought a Simple Storch, I am planning Flaperons and Fixed but removable Leading edge slats. I...
  15. J

    Someone to help me choosing a transmitter for the FT Mighty Mini Sparrow ?

    Hi guys, (as im french im sorry if my sentences looks weird) I've recently bought a ft mini sparrow and i was wondering what was the best and cheapest transmitter to buy:confused:.
  16. M

    FT Gremlin Motor/ESC Issue

    Hi guys, Ever since I've had my Gremlin, the performance has been very disappointing. I think the problem has to do with the FC. I have replaced both the motor and ESC that has been acting up. When I arm the quad, the motor seems to struggle to spin up, but then finally gets up to speed...
  17. D

    Educated Guess on Quality of batteries?

    I have a 3s 2200mah 30a discharge lipo and a 2s 1750mah 25a lipo for my quad and 2 planes. These are the only two batteries I've ever had, as I'm not that deeply involved in the RC hobby. I haven't used them in a year because I don't have a liscence yet and biking to the nearest field with an FT...
  18. W

    Can you make the swappables with HK foam

    In australia you cant get the dollar tree foam board, so this is the best alternative. When watching the build videos it seems like the designs rely on the paper backing, which I do not believe the hobbyking foam has. Is it then possible to make the designs with it? Link...
  19. K

    Discharging 1500MAH 3S Lipos

    I have two 1500 MAH 3S lipos and I charge and now want to discharge with a coolRC b6 balance charger what are the proper settings for storage on it? can anyone help? scared they will lose power if I leave them much longer!
  20. M

    quick question

    Hello everyone, quick question: can I put a 9X4.7 prop on a 2150kV motor and a 15amp ESC that all runs on a 3s battery? I am a beginner and I don't really know that much about the science behind the electronics, so any help is much appreciated. Regards. Mohammed