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Junior Member
Hey guys,

Ill gonna make myself thrown into the hobby and gonna take my dad back with me so my questions will be about "modernizing" or "old and new" items used together. ( ill post pics of all the material i have )

So my dad is going to prepare his stuff to fly glow and a rebuilt glider. My dad is a crafting genious, but he's been off the hobby for 10 years and he's not familiarized with the new stuff ;). I'm gonna make a couple foam/balsa planes and go electric, im also an electronic engineer student ( robotics, programming, automation etc ) so i'll be making stuff on my planes too :cool:.

So, i've a couple of futaba tx's, not 2.4GHz ofc, and their receivers, and regular analog ( i gues ) futaba servos. We now have a couple of digital servos from Hobby King, and 2 Li-Po batteries and an UBEC.

1 ( glider ) - Can my dad use is old Rx-Tx system with the lipo battery and the UBEC with the new servos ( digital ) since he used to have the analog-receiver-receiver battery with no problems ?

2 ( me ) - Can i use , with the old Rx-Tx system, the digital servos and a ESC ( with built in BEC to power the rx ) to run my setup, using also lipo ?

I guess thats all, will be posting pictures of the stuff in a second !