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In Chad's basement


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shyysh guys don't say anything to Chad! I'm David, you know the Swedish guy that likes slap-bets. I'm currently being hold captive in Chad's basement.
I flew here from Sweden about a week ago (It's hard to tell time in the basement). Chad lured me into the basement by telling me it was full of RC stuff and tools. Happily I started go down the stairs when I heard a loud thud as the door was slammed shut behind me and a loud voice shouted:

While I've been down here building, I've also been plotting... And I have come up with the ultimate plan! I'm going to post one picture a day of what we're building in the basement. *evil laugh*

Today I'll post 4 pictures. I do not dare reveal to much in case of Chad finding out. If you've ever seen the Hulk you get the picture. You wouldn't like Chad when he's angry. You have to figure out what we're building for your selves.

This thing will definitely be on a upcoming show

Robust is a must. This thing has to fend for it's life soon.

Something Chad and I are working together on. It might have something to do with the first picture *hint, hint*

Something I'm working on for my self when Chads not here.

I'll post one picture a day of what we're working on as my silent revenge *muhahha* so be sure to check back once in a while


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Nice stuff David!
Am I right that you use an Aurora 9 by Hitec? I am currently thinking about gettin it soon. What can you tell me about it and how pleased are you with it?

Okay back to topic.
First picture seems to be a duocopter to me with a KK board in the middle to stabilise. Then you have the battery way down in the stick. I think that is for some stabilisation to get some weight down low and for CG of course.
Second picture might be a plane that can go up vertically and then start flying with many rotors in each hole!!! Must be a awesome episode thats coming up there!
Third picture I think is some kind of cockpit or so of a plane
Fourth picture is a geniously made pan and tilt mechanism for a camera I suppose!
Reeeally nice stuff.
You made me even more unpatient as I can´t wait for the next few episodes!


More combat please...
Awesome- Can't wait to see the hilarity unfold.

First pic looks like a jetpack style ship for a GI Joe (old school)

Looks like a FPV combat ship in the middle. Streamer combat? Go for full contact!


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Nice to have you back David! My Son is a big fan of yours and your site too! Looks like Chads basement could be a fun place to be


Rotor Riot!
OK, here are my guesses:

1st picture: Definitely a bicopter!

2nd picture: I'd say it's a new camera-plane. It has space for a GoPro. The holes in the wings are just weight-reduction.

3rd picture: It's a cockpit, I would say for FPV like in the Mosquito FPV episode (this time 360º view!), but it could also be just for scale. I doubt the FT guys spend time on scale-looking stuff unless it's for FPV cockpit views..

4th picture: This one surprises me! I believe it is a camera (GoPro) stabilization pod. It corrects the camera angle for roll, and pitch. When you roll the plane, it rolls the camera back in the other direction (same for pitch), so that you don't get dizzying videos on FPV or chase cameras. It amazes me because I was about to suggest something like this. Seriously.
Looking at it again, it's not for a plane. It's for a tricopter. Same concept though. It's NOT a conventional tilt/pan mechanism because it does not have pan. It uses the tricopter's yaw control instead.

We'll see if I was right about that...

So Dadde, Nice to finally see you here! Welcome to the forum!


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The 2nd photo, I think the holes are so it's harder to shoot down... "has to fend for itself.." Looking forward to the new episode. Good to hear your back on the show David.



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It's not Osprey, it's Scorpion gunship from this 3D movie about blue cats in space called Avatar ;]

PS.: Nice to see another Aurora 9 user :]


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Are you saying that the Scorpion is being built out of the rather large pink wing with the Funbat looking tail? I don't think so. Though I would like to see something like the Scorpion built. That would look excellent.