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In Chad's basement

Are you saying that the Scorpion is being built out of the rather large pink wing with the Funbat looking tail? I don't think so. Though I would like to see something like the Scorpion built. That would look excellent.
ROFL! I think it looks like a modified rctestflight micro drone.
Hi David, Looks like you got some nice toys to play with there :D.
Loved your Cancun Video. I'm going there this week for 6 months. Just wanted to ask what frequency i can use for FPV there? Can't find any info online.
Cheers Lee


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Today I got a visit by Chads evil super-partner in crime, Mr Josh Bixler. The guy that can control planes with his mind.
He built some kind of sword today. Weird looking sword though, compared to the ones I've seen in Sweden.

This is my new friend. He is lucky. He gets to be on the show pretty soon. In case he decides to make a desperate jump for freedom, we put a tiny locator on his back.

The obligatory workshop picture.

Tomorrow I'm being let out of the basement to go the JR indoor event. I've almost forgotten what fresh air smells, like so I'm exited!


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That is cutting it close, but 11:55 is still today. I was watching the clock thinking you might still be on Sweden time. Are you going to be going to the JR event Sat., and Sun.? I would love to see you guys, I am still a n00b, but it would be an honor to meet you.


Rotor Riot!
1st image: gotta love the "mad scientist" look on Chad's face. :D

2nd image: Lost plane locator!

3rd image: Helluva lot of foam! / I spy a scratchbuilt Scorpion gunship in the background!

Tomorrow I'm being let out of the basement to go the JR indoor event. I've almost forgotten what fresh air smells, like so I'm exited!
Does "JR indoor event" sound like fresh air? LOL
There is also a military jet with retractable wings (I suck at names) just besides the Bonsai.
F-14. Also there is an F-18, Durafly Spitfire, what looks like a P-40, Tech-One Angel, and it looks like there is also a biplane, and other slowflyers, and another flying wing.....
EDIT: The tricopter thing looks like it's coaxial!
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Glad you made it safely across the pond David! Welcome back and looking forward to what you bring us. Enjoy your stay with the boys;)




Crazy flyer/crasher :D
First picture: HH Carbon-Z Scimitar so definitely with vectored thrust!!!
Second picture: Lost plane locator
Third picture: The basement!
Hey david I can go ninja stealth and bring u some water and food along with the latest issue of rc airplane, electric flight, and another of ur choosing