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In Chad's basement


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I didn't miss them, I've omitted them, since it seems they're destined for upcoming episodes. But there's things like the fabric covered biplane that looks intriguing. There's also the Tomcat that was posted as a contest on the facebook page, but nothing was ever published about it, unless I missed that.

Of course, this is all off topic, yet on topic, since the title is Chad's basement, and these are items in that basement. :D


Junior Member
Back in the basement after 2 days of freedom. JR Indoor was nice. Always cool to meet new people, especially if they fly Tricopters, which a couple did :)
Yesterday was a shoot day. We got some good footage and it's going to be a couple of cool episodes coming up ;)

Todays work:

If it can fly through a window without barely a scratch on it why not put a GoPro on it and use it for FPV? :D

This one is ready for carnage.


Gremlin on the Wing
I can't believe they have designed/built that in just a few days time!

I guess that is the power of persuasion at work ("He :black_eyed: puts the CA on the foam, or Chad :mad: will burn his ticket home").

I think also, Chad has him on a ration of E-Fests, and Swedish Fish. :p