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Intermittent pulsing motor above half throttle

Merry Christmas All!
Well the title kinda says it all. I figured I'd though together a snowball for the kids to play with today but ran into an issue. My motor will start pulsing above about half to 3/4 throttle but not all the time. Batteries fresh off the charger and voltage of the pack is staying well above 10 volts. My setup is a power pack C GT2215/09 with a 8X6E prop, an Emax BLHeli 30A ESC, and 3s 2200 25C pack. I also tried my 3s 1800 30 C pack with similar results. Sorry I'm kinda a noob!

I couldn't get my video to upload here so I have one on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cHBU4rKWHQ

Thanks for your help!


Winter is coming
That almost sounds like a motor timing issue... almost as if the ESC is putting the brakes on intermittently vs the LVC (which I believe is normally disabled on a blheli ESC). I'm not sure if stick programming is normally enabled on those ESC's. Perhaps timing is too high? Here's a guide that's got the basics on blheli ESC programming.


I might try doing a reset to factory settings, performing a throttle calibration, and then checking to see if that fixes things.


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I was going to mention throttle calibration as well but the active braking makes sense also good thought Mak. The defaulting and starting fresh where you know how everything is set is always good advice.
I'm having this exact problem with Power Pack A on the Might Mini Corsair build with purchasing all of the exact recommendations from the Flite Test store. All straight out of the box no customization or anything. I didn't see any resolution on this, curious if you or anyone figured out the problem/solution?