Isolation... what are you doing?

Captain Jay

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So, I received my 2 x 50mm QX motor EDF's and I'm locked up for 14 days. I figure I may as well design a light fast easy to build F15. No fold over rudder or elevators but speed wing is a must. Let see if I can get it right.. And give a great model for all to build.
Have fun in your isolation boths...
PS: my family is fine, just hiding out as we all should at this time..


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I've been relocating my building area from the kitchen table down to my office. My wife is now using the area I cleared off to work from home. Just need to purge the area around the desk that will be my new build area and get back to work.



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some people stocked up on TP.

dummies.... :ROFLMAO:


i will be building and reorganizing my hangar.

stay safe and wash your hands!


me :cool:


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I am lucky enough to be able to work from home, but its not super productive. I've been going back in the archives and watching some of my favorite episodes. During the weekend plan on finishing up the planes I'm working on for Flite Fest.


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I got plans printed yesterday for the Simple Scout, so I'll start making up templates and hopefully start building it in a week or so.


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I have been showing my progress over on “The Great 2020 Quarantine Build-Off” thread. My FT Simple Scout V-Tail Edition by jpot1 is ready for V-tail servo installation, a firewall, and a trip to Dollar Tree for some poster board. Might have to wait for the travel ban to be over where I live to get the final items, we shall see.

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