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Isolation... what are you doing?

Captain Jay

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I have been showing my progress over on “The Great 2020 Quarantine Build-Off” thread. My FT Simple Scout V-Tail Edition by jpot1 is ready for V-tail servo installation, a firewall, and a trip to Dollar Tree for some poster board. Might have to wait for the travel ban to be over where I live to get the final items, we shall see.

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That looks cool...

Captain Jay

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Is this one gonna be twin 50mm?
I put the2 x 50mm QX motors in I got yesterday. The 4s ones at 4000kv for a 950gram thrust as advertised. Hmmmm
On another note, I find it extremely difficult the get thrust tubes lined up perfectly straight and inline. It takes me a long time to get them 99% right by eyeballing. Is there a better way??? Maybe someone has tips I should know about for next time...
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I'm thinking about rebuilding my LongEZ - the dog bumped the table I had it sitting on, and it fell off, completely bending one of the canards. I hadn't even had a chance to maiden it and it's already "crashed"...

I'm also thinking about taking my TinyWhoop out for a flight around the dog park at my complex. I figure it'll be the closest thing to getting out and going for a walk right now, since I'm not supposed to be outside.
I'm not in full isolation, but I do have a lot of time on my hands, so I'm designing and building away. I can get outside to test things as weather allows. But if anyone is looking for a challenging build, I lack the beveling mastery to create my Arwing with its non-profile fuselage. Have at it if you want a challenge.



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Not really in isolation but figured it was time pulled down my old Wayfarer Bi plane that was stick built that I picked up about a 2 years ago, getting the servos, receiver, Life battery set up and it is getting a Saito 50 four stroke as it seems something this old should not sound like a glo or gasser. Not the one I have but here is a pic.


Captain Video

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I spent a few hours repaing my Apprentice S 1.5 which had a broken elevator and a couple split connections between the elevator and the control surfaces. I also am working on my Radian XL 2.6 m glider which I believe has a bad motor. The ESC will work the control surfaces but not the motor. No start up beeps. when i manually move the prop there seems to be some resistance. Perhaps my imagination. I have resoldered all the connections but there is no response from the motor. I will pull the motor, once I can free the prop spacer from the prop spinner. If anyone has a suggetion, I am willing to entertain it.
Thanks in advance.
Finished the Simple Stick on Friday and fixed my sailplane. Tonight I'm revisiting DLGs, I'm running out of receivers so I ordered another Lemon. For those who aren't familiar these are great little receivers, I had one in my Bird Dog and now in my Simple Stick. The cheapest ones are about $9 and in my experience they're among the better DSMX compatible receivers.

Captain Jay

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so my evil genius plan of stocking foam board to build a bunch of planes was just brake checked by the fact i have no more 9G servos. amazon say's April 24 for delivery... :ROFLMAO:



me :cool:
If 6 are only $14 bucks Canadian. How cheap are they in American $. Just received a dozen yesterday... what to do with them??? Got no plans at the moment. Just needed to stock up for a rainy,Covid-19 day... haha
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Or you could go metal gear for another $5.00

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