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James May builds a balsa glider to fly across a 22 mile channel


I'm a care bear...Really?
He builds a balsa glider to fly UNMANNED from Devon to wales. It's full of junk like GPS autopilot and all that


I'm a care bear...Really?
I have top gear set up to record and that followed an episode so I had to watch. Could you imagine trying to do that around here in the states? Toss that off Mount Rushmore or try to fly it with waypoints through the Grand Canyon or grand Tetons
Yeah, a mate emailed me a link to that a little while ago. Loved it! Got me looking into free flight glider world records. They are amazing! Zdenek Taus in 1962 310km distance! And I can't imagine that was using GPS direction or dropped @ 10000ft from a helicopter. Makes James May's effort look a little over indulgent, but you gotta love him for bringing the hobby (and heaps of other cool stuff!) to the mindless masses. Seriously though 310km.....just think about that! I think for a FAI record they can only use a 50metre towline or something. Must have been one hell of a thermal!
Epic! Man, thanks so much for the link. Not only did I watch something awe-inspiring and just downright cool, but I found another great show to watch. Love James May!


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Wow, thanks for posting the link, that was an inspiring hour!

James May (love his humor), ardupilot, lots of balsa wood, heli's and music from the Foo Fighters ("learn to fly" , rather appropriate for me too :) ) all in one show, what more can you ask for :)