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Power and precision having a 15-feet wingspan

Shapson's Pressure 10 Power Kites send small company soaring

When Steve Shapson saw an unfilled niche within the stunt kite market, he made the decision to pursue it greatly. Literally.

Shapson, who'd experience in sailing and hang up-gliding and operated a the best skateboards shop in Mequon, attempted to get the world's largest dual-line-controlled kite. By all accounts, he's been successful in supplying size and gratifaction.

His 19-month old kite business, Pressure 10 Power Kites, has soared in to the collections of stunt kite flyers through the U . s . States and overseas. He has turned into a celebrity around the stunt kite scene, with fans seeking his autograph at major kite flyins.

"I positioned this kite from the others," stated Shapson, that has spurred other kite-makers to build up bigger models. "Either you are an innovator or perhaps a follower. We are an innovator.Inch

The Pressure 10 kite is measured in wingspan -- 15 ft -- and bears no resemblance towards the 10-cent paper-body-and-wood-spar jobs Shapson, 37, travelled like a boy. An unskilled or careless Pressure 10 flyer can crash the mega kite or tangle it inside a tree, however it will not break.

In a retail cost of $489 to $585, it do not.

"It is simply a size below a hang glider," stated Shaun Kataoka of Milwaukee, president from the Kite Society of Wisconsin.

Kataoka yet others within the kite cult credit Shapson with strongly flying where no kitemaker has traveled before.

The Pressure 10 may be the largest kite controlled with two lines (instead of the traditional single line), based on Shapson yet others. There has been bigger single-line kites, but, Shapson noted, a flyer can't control the only-line kites' course or run them through maneuvers.

"It's unlike any other kite, so far as power and gratifaction,Inch stated Bryan Baxley, assistant manager of Windborne Kites, a store that carries the Pressure 10 in Monterey, Calif., that has tested Shapson's creation. "It is extremely precise for any 15-feet wingspan."

Shapson operates his kite set up business from his retail store, Screamin' Tuna Surf and Ski Shop, an outlet serving surf boarders at 10318 N. Port Washington Road, Mequon. Shapson, with a journalism degree in the College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, opened up the store about 5 years ago on Milwaukee's east side before relocating to Mequon four years back.

Pressure 10 is Shapson's second stab in the kite market. Annually before Pressure 10 required off, Shapson ended an unsuccessful small kite manufacturing business known as Striker Kites having a partner from Madison.

The happy couple decided to construct one 15-feet kite like a marketing flag for that smaller sized models. However, advertisements promising that Striker eventually would supply the 15-footers came responses from individuals who wanted the large ones, Shapson stated.

Shapson attempted to create a prototype for Pressure 10, named following a measurement of the strong wind. He located suppliers for that parts, together with a sail-maker within the Milwaukee place to sew the kite physiques, and started assembling Pressure 10s in March 1989.

He received orders for that first batch of 100 inside their first month available on the market. He since has offered about 700 from the kites and it has built a dealer network in excess of 150 shops along with a catalog shopping company.

Pressure 10 kite physiques are delta-formed, made from ripstop nylon and obtainable in color combinations including black, yellow, hot pink and custom colors. The spars are constructed with either fiberglass or reinforced graphite and also the battens are really tapered sail battens.

Shapson stated his start-up cost for Pressure 10 involved $2,000, and that he stated he's no financial obligations of significance. He declined to reveal sales figures, but stated his store still makes up about about 75 % of his sales and also the kite business for that rest.

Shapson also sells a type of harnesses that may be connected to the Pressure 10 flyer's waist to avoid the flyer from being pulled excessively or from suffering back or wrist injuries from hands-held controls. Other products bearing the Pressure 10 name really are a beverage can cozy, wallet, hip pouch, pins and patches, and T-shirts using the Pressure 10 emblem and "Stunt Kite Addict" printed in it.

The kites can be found in fat loss of either 3 pounds or perhaps an ultra-light 1 1/2 pounds. Due to their aerodynamic design, the kites need little if any wind to fly. A tug around the two synthetic fabric lines transmits the kite airborne.

Distribution is handled from the Screamin' Tuna shop set up is carried out inside a space across the street from the store.

Shapson constantly revises and updates his kites and that he also intends to diversify his products. He's created a prototype for any kite having a 21-feet wingspan. how to turn a skateboard

"Its about 25 % bigger for individuals individuals who desire a bigger kite," Shapson stated.

Pressure 10 suits the growing stunt or sport kite market, which attracts men aged 18 to 50. The greatest subgroup within that age groups is 30-45, the majority of whom are professionals varieties who are able to afford these types of sex toys.

The kites aren't for beginning flyers. They might require advanced maneuvering skills. Nonetheless, Shapson stated their users do not require much training. He began on smaller sized kites and graduated towards the large ones.

Additionally they aren't for kids, who likely could be pulled around through the effective kites.

The Pressure 10 is perfect for the knowledgeable modern kite flyer who periodically wants a sense of power or the opportunity to showcase.

While kites usually don't conjure muscular images, Shapson stated the Pressure 10s are pretty macho. The kite roars if this flies also it can pull its flyer across the ground indeed Shapson yet others make use of the kites to drag them on skis and sleds throughout the winter.

"There's lots of macho having a big kite available,Inch Shapson stated. "It can make a large roar if this passes.Inch

Added Baxley of Windborne Kites, "It isn't for that fainthearted -- it's for those who want lots of power, lots of show."

Overview of the Pressure 10 kite in Stunt Kite Quarterly described the huge kite as "mainly an electrical exercise." The magazine's reviewer discovered that the kite is greater than a mere novelty: It performs well.

"The only real...issue using the Pressure 10 is the quantity of people who gather whenever you place it to fly," review stated. "The kite has got the best `drawing power' associated with a that we have traveled."

Shapson themself flies his Pressure 10s at fly-ins round the country and is called "a significant showman," stated Joe Stanton, who owns Stanton Hobby Shop of northwest Chicago, which carries the road.

Pressure 10 Power Kites provide flyers by having an avoid day-to-day stresses, both Shapson and Stanton stated.

"It is your therapy, your crutch, your mug of coffee,Inch Shapson stated. "The (flyers) who venture out, venture out a great deal.Inch

Some hearty souls make use of the kites to drag them on water skis throughout the summer time several weeks. Winds with a minimum of 25 miles per hour are essential for this kind of outing, out of the box a ship to hold skiers to their beginning points.

And proprietors of Pressure 10 kites do not need to clean up their toys with winter months impending. Power kites provide the winter fun of kite-skiing -- slapping on snow skies and letting the kite pull the skier.

Shapson has kite-skied around the snow along Milwaukee's lakefront at Veterans Park as well as on the ice at Pewaukee Lake, where he was which is 52 miles per hour.

Kite flying can be done during the cold months whether or not the flyer wants his ft firm on the floor, he stated. how to ride skateboards

"It's OK in case your back would be to the wind," Shapson stated.
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I'd say you've got the right idea with cutting off the ailerons and using a packing tape hinge instead - can probably still use the same foam, just cut off the glued up edge. You want free moving control surfaces for sure.

Not sure on the blood stains. Perhaps creative sharpie over them :)


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When cutting the hinges, do the 45 degree bevel on the moving surface, so you can replace it. If you mess it up on the body, there's less of a chance you'll be able to remove it. Some packing tape on one side and hot glue on the other will do well.


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It is possible to reheat the glue and then use a piece of scrap DTFB to re-scrape it. Take the protector cover off of your glue gun tip, lay the rounded edge of the tip flat against the hinge, and run it across the hinge.

Might help if you get a helper to scrape right behind the glue gun tip so it doesn't have time to re-cool - or just try a small section at a time.

The foam will melt if you apply too much heat so you're going to have to be very careful. Although sometimes that is a good thing if your bevel cut has some high spots. The heat melts the foam, but doesn't really affect the paper that much.

ETA - Leave the blood stains. Mark of honor :cool:


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What you could do is take off the aileron, turn it around, cut a new bevel on the other side and reapply with packing tape.


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Maybe just apply more hot glue into the hinge. The new glue will melt the old glue and then just scrape it all out.


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Also...those pushrod ends get sharp after cutting! How do I get blood stains out of the paper facing?

I did the same exact thing on my first FT build (mini sparrow). I found the FT gremlin sticker included in the speed build kit covered the stains perfectly!!! :D


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Screenshot 2017-05-24 at 1.22.51 PM.png
Sandpaper. Just. use. SANDPAPER.


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sandpaper doesn't really work well on rubbery stuff. it kind of tears chunks and leaves lots of dangly ends.I imagine if you could sand with really light pressure it would work.


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Use a warm soldering iron tip to heat the glue and a scrap of FB to wipe away the excess!