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Kadet LT 40

I'm building a foam replica of a kadet LT 40 I owned a few years back. I know it's a trainer plane, but it was quite a fun plane inverted three feet of the flying field. Anyway I have found enough info to get it looking like it's older brother but I don't know what size motor/battery to use. besides trial and error is there a way to know which size powerpack offered in the FliteTest store would be the correct power output for this sized plane. I have the Fuselage at 30" long. Anyone know much about the power outputs and able to give me a quick run down on how they choose?

Thank you - Brian
That looks like a good article, also if you can post the weight of your plane here that might help with choosing a power system.


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Hey Brian,

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Years ago now I finished an LT-40 kit I'd gotten half-finished from a friend of my grandfather's. At the time I didn't have the money or the courage to join a flying club and actually fly it. It was an impressive thing to have in the basement with its 70" wingspan.
I found a listing for one, their recommendation: "ELECTRIC POWER use a 500-800 watt brushless outrunner motor, 50 - 75A ESC, & 3S-4S 4000-5000 Lipo Battery Pack. Sounds to me like you're downsizing the plane by about half for a foam build. The general recommendation is 100Watts per pound of plane. I'd guess power pack B or C would work for a plane that size.