Keep your hands away from props, kids

Phin G

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I stupidly just broke a prop so gaffer taped some cheap landing gear to my cub and… the gaffer tape broke and the landing gear went up to the sides of the fuse and the prop dug into the ground. Lets hope she flys tonight.


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I know just had one gentleman that was tuning got too lean popped back and off went the prop and nut, found the prop but not the nut and washer. At least no one was in front of it.
I was starting the one on my edge the other day and had it back fire 3 times each of which blew the nut off, super frustrating! I also wasn't under tightening it either, those things are nasty when they back fire


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If you're asking why I don't tighten it up more, it's because you can only go so far before something breaks or bends, and I was right near the limit. The impact of a backfire is enough to break the nut loose 75 percent of the time
Yeah backfires are nasty, happened once on one of my trainer.40s