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Kraken esc's hot

I don't have anything to check the true current so I'm not sure what's going on. I'm wondering just from my set up if you guys can tell if I did something wrong. I built a Kraken, I'm using two Suppo 2217/7 motors with Hobbyking 30amp esc's running 10-4.5 props . I did use my multi meter just to check if a motor was binding and it looks as though the motors are good. Here is what happened. I took it out for its maiden this morning and it flew like a dream, however at about 5minutes of flight time it started being a hand full and I brought it down hard. The motors were warm, not hot but the escs were hot. The batteries were cool (running two 3000May 3s batteries in parallel) . Is something in my setup wrong? I'm powering my receiver with the bec from one of the esc's .