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Rotor Riot!
Thanks for the sponsorship, the HXT servos, and the Bixler. Oh, and the cheapest price online!

HXT900 cost like $9 on some website. $2.50 on HK.
Yes! Thankyou Anthony for the opportunity to do what we love, The Bixler (my dad is still on top of the world!) and making it possible for so many to get involved in this wonderful hobby at an affordable price!

If you wern't in Hong Kong...... I would hug you! :)

Hobby King reached out to me awhile ago and Im doing some product testing for them as well I have not had the chance to meet Anthony yet but What a great company..They have bent over backwards to help me thanks again hobby King...


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@NAM, good idea. Gratitude can be overlooked much too often. So thanks for opening this up.

@Anthony Hand, should you ever read this, many of us have not hidden our appreciation for Flite Test and the excitement generated through this well made and manned show. Thank you sir for promoting this show and being a part of something that promotes something more involved than the mere mind numbing entertainment that too many of us have already amused ourselves with.

This is more than just a hobby. It is interaction, relationships, science, art, and humor. And it gets us back outside enjoying creation again. Thank you for being a part of something so wholesome and fun.



Rotor Riot!
Building and flying something you created is the greatest feeling.. when you see all your Hard work take flight WOW how cool is that!
I have not flown my glider yet, but it's still awesome to look upon something that you have created and it turned out nice... :)


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I've spent 4 figures at HK. And I have watched Flite-Test virtually from the very beginning. I won't say that I buy from HK because of Flite-test, but what I will say is this: Flite-Test is one of the things that re-ignited my interest in RC and in doing so, led to my building up my hanger... resulting indirectly in the HK purchases. Indirect counts. It's like local hobby store on a global level. Please keep on sponsoring Flite-Test, Anthony. I love HK and if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to afford the flying I do now. And thanks to Flite-Test for inspiration, entertainment, great shows, and a cast and crew who obviously love RC. Thanks!
Thanks again HK for sponsoring Flite Test and THANKS to HK for allowing me to take my hobby to a whole new level! Now I can enjoy this hobby at the field and in my back yard!
Got into the hobby when I was twelve and soon out of it a few months later for lack of funds and information. By chance I picked up the interest in the hobby again in September/October of last year by watching a youtube video on a hydro plane(very cool). I then found RCGroups which led me to a funny but useful video by two guys. They were my age and just as goofy lookin/acting. I was definetly on JS's level of knowledge and wanted to be able to fly. JB gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to actually get airborne.
Now I love to build and always have(and I thank each and everyone who has put out any free plans) so I am so pleased/proud that I am now a PLATINUM memeber with HK. Without them I would be so far behind in the required FUN aspect of the hobby...AND THAT IS FLYING with out wallet worry :eek:) I am by far a better pilot from actual practice in the air and not to much worry about the expense of crashing.
My Hangar is fully equiped with just about all you would need to build and setup several planes. The knowledge I have gained from all the other pilots has been incredible. And again I thank them for all their reviews and recommendations on HK product. I rely heavily on this information for my purchases.

Thanks Hobby King and the people who give reviews and advice.