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Le Drib / Drew Camden How To and Parts List


Rotor Riot!
How to build a Le Drib Edition Freestyle Quad!

Build Tutorials:

Drew Camden's Build Video:

BetaFlight Board Setup:

Parts List:

Frame: MQC Fusion (super tough frame, flies well and takes a beating)

FC + PDB: DYS F4 Flight Controller (Awesome piece of kit, comes with XT60, OSD, current sensor, etc)

ESC's: XSD 30A v2 ESC (support Dshot 600)

Motors: DYS Fire 2206 2300KV (for all round performance)

Alternative Motors: DYS Fire 2206 2600KV (for battery killing insanity)

Props: RaceKraft 5040 Three Blade Propeller (durable material)

Camera: Rotor Riot Special Edition RunCam Swift (one of the best FPV camera out there, comes with optimal settings)

Video Transmitter: ImmersionRC TrampHV (hottest VTx of 2017!)

Camera Mount: MQC Le Drib GoPro Mount (made by Le Drib himself!)

This is a great quad setup for beginners and advanced pilots alike. The frame and the motors can take a heck of a beating, and the electronics are pretty much cutting edge.

Makes for an excellent HD rig for Rando Bando Freestylin!
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