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Lead Acid Battery


Junior Member
I’m starting to fly glow planes on the side just to try something different. I had purchased a seal lead acid battery in November for the starter and glow plug. When Mr. Winter arrived, I put away the battery for four months without ever recharging it.

Recently, when I went to charge it on my Hyperion EOS0606i, the charger would indicate that it’s fully charged within 30 seconds. Using my multi-meter, the battery only indicated less than 8 volts.

Do I have a dead lead acid battery, or do should I try something else?


Old and Bold RC PILOT
You could always use a couple of High resistant 3 cell lipos, (old flight batteries that SAG too much to be used any more in your models), in parallel to replace the old SLA battery. The crank current for the starter is not as high as many of the flight motors we currently use!

Just a thought!

Have fun!


Slow, low and dirty.
You've got a dead cell. Lead acid batteries (unless they use the spiral cell technology) need to stay charged, if they don't the material in the plates will displace and short the cell out or otherwise disable it. A battery tender can be left on all year and is probably the best solution. Lead acid batteries will eventually drain themselves from internal resistance so even out of a device they need attention in the winter. I use Lawnmower batteries from Walmart (in my lawnmower) and those last two years tops, but with a core exchange they cost around $20 last year.


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For my flight box and starter I use 3 cell Lipos, velcroed a 3s 2200 right to my starter so no cord. Flight box I use a 3s 2200 for fuel pump and glow plug starter if needed, I usually use a glow stick most of the time instead of fighting with the cord and having the box right there.