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Lights on, no signal?!?


Elemental Madness
I just tried my setup a week ago, but now I turn it on again and it reads "no signal" on the screen. I trouble shot a few things, AV cord included and nothing! The transmitter is working, so is the receiver, and they are on the right channel. Any ideas?

2.3ghz 700mw transmitter
SC2000 600tvl
Bluebeam SPW and CL
hobby wireless 7" lcd


Propaganda machine
Try connecting the camera straight to the vtx. The wiring between the camera, OSD and vtx is a common weak spot. Also, a few weeks ago you mentioned your video feed died on you soon after takeoff. Have you been able to troubleshoot the camera itself?


Elemental Madness
well yeah, I figured out that the camera was working, but the cord had a bad connection. This time I am getting no signal whereas last time I got signal but no video.