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LocalFiend - Plans Index


I like 3D printers...
Under Construction:

Micro Sopwith Camel
Micro Spitfire
Hughes P21-J MkIII Devastator Swappable
Micro Russian Thunder
39" Messerschmitt Bf 109
42" Gloster Gladiator
Mighty Mini Bf 109
Hughes P21-J Mk III Devastator
Swappable Floats and Skis

Finished Builds:

Mighty Mini A6M Zero Swappable

Build Thread

Mighty Mini A6M Zero v1.1 Full

Mighty Mini A6M Zero 1.1 Tiled

25" Wingspan
Designed around Power Pack F

Motor: 2204 2300kv
ESC: 12 Amp
Prop: 5030-6045
Servos: 4 - 5 gram
Battery: 800mah 3s-4s

42" Mitsubishi A6M Zero Swappable

Build Thread

42" Mitsubishi A6M Zero Swappable Beta Plans v.2 - Full

42" Mitsubishi A6M Zero Swappable Beta Plans v.2 - Tiled

Scale DTF Floats for 42" Zero - Tiled

42" Wingspan
Designed around Power Pack C

Motor: 2215 1180kv
ESC: 30 Amp
Prop: 10x4.7 SF
Servos: 4 - 9 gram
Battery: 2200mah 3s

Micro FT Flyer

Tiled Plans

All Up Weight 70 grams
16" Wingspan
6.4g HD1610 3400kv Motor
5030 Gemfan Prop
6AMP Plush ESC
3g Servo x2
Full Size Receiver (Cover Removed)
Gift Card Firewall and Servo Horns
180-260mah 2s (Actually, the plane has a ton of power, it'l haul a 500mah 2s just fine and fly for a long time)

10 Minute Flight times with 260mah 2s

Micro F22

Tiled 8.5x11 Plans
Full Plans

Decal Plans Full
Decal Plans 18x24
Decal Plans 8.5x11 Tiled

Jumbled up Build Thread:


All Up Weight 70 grams
13" Wingspan
6.4g HD1610 3400kv Motor
5030 Gemfan Prop - 5" Maximum Prop Size
6AMP Plush ESC
1.7g Servo x2 - Dual Elevon Setup
Micro Receiver
Gift Card Firewall and Servo Horns
180-260mah 2s

6 Minute Flight Times with 260mah 2s

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I like 3D printers...
Are both 5" prop max?
Only the F22 is 5" max. Can't make the prop slot any bigger without increasing the size of the plane.

You can put whatever you want on the Micro Flyer, though 5" is max for the motor I'm using unless you want to step down to a 1s battery.


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Subscribed, downloaded, and printed - as I just trashed my last tiny motor plane a couple days ago, I have a set of electronics ready for a weekend build!


Getting ready for the indoor season and cut this out today as it seems like a great little plane. Im not clear on the control surfaces though. Is it aileron/elevator or elevons with aileron attached or can it be flown on elevon only? Is there a build video anywhere? Great job by local fiend!!!


I like 3D printers...
I found the info I needed!! Back to the shop
Cool. Sorry I missed your question. I set it up to use elevons only, which gives excellent performance. It could be interesting to see what would happen with ailerons & elevators, but I think you'd lose more than you might gain.

Let me know how it goes.


I like 3D printers...
Does elevons only mean no need to activate the ailerons?
Not sure what you mean, but this design is a bit different, which seems to cause confusion. I need to make an actual build thread or video.

This is the current mess of a thread: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?21299-Micro-Indoor-Flyers-Re-Purposed-Designs

Here's the recommended setup (dual elevons):

It's a piece of carbon rod (wire will work as well) with pieces of plier bent music rod. All held together with heat shrink. The heat shrink is great for initial positioning. you can shrink the wires to the rod but still slide them a bit to make sure your control surfaces are equal and everything lines up.

Use a small piece of aluminum foil to shield the plane from your heat source while you shrink the tube. After everything lines up, use a bit of CA and kicker on both sides of the heat shrink to make the bond permanent.

Also, keep in mind that the prototype had the rod further out than it needed to be. You can glue the servo and control horns further inward, and put the rod between the airframe and forward elevon so you don't have to cut any slots.

The prototype has been through some pretty hard crashes. Was flying full speed through gaps in orchard trees at work and smacked it really good twice. Not much damage, bent the nose back a bit, and the weak point by the motor got weaker.

Added a couple of toothpick supports crosswise to each other. You can see one that's been trimmed, the other will get trimmed as well. I'm considering just adding this procedure to the plans. It doesn't really weigh anything, and should really beef things up.



I like 3D printers...
Added tiled plans for the Decal Version of the Micro F22 as well as an 18x24" version for cheap printing at staples. You can get two 18x24" colored pages printed at staples for around 6 bucks right now if you select engineering prints.


I like 3D printers...
Added the Mighty Mini Sized Zero as well as the 42" Swappable Version. Plans for the scale floats for the 42" version are up as well.


I like 3D printers...
You should add the skimmer 400... :)
I will do that. My plans index needs a lot of updating. I'm missing a lot of stuff.

Server is back up. The power fluctuations killed my CPU, so I had to pull the harddrive and drop it into a backup pc. After getting the accompanying driver issues sorted everything should be good now.

I've also ordered a battery backup system. Having my e-mail and all my other web stuff that much safer will be worth it.