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GrizWiz-Plans Index

well then I'm not going to be using a sim anytime soon, those things are expensive in 3rd world countries, but if my family and I had our way and were in New Zealand then they are cheap from aliexpres/ bang good
hey grizwiz
is the bf-309 the sam as the me-309 plane
also what is the size of you bf-309 the same as your mini bf-109?
thanks for you great work.
I'm not @GrizWiz, but Bf means Bayerische Flugzeugwerke - (Model number) and Me is Messerschmitt - (Model Number).

They're the same company, but models designed before the name change are named like the Bf-109, but after that they use the Me prefix, like the Me-262.

thank for the info,
is see now there not complete, that's fine. just give me a heads up when they are, so i can start on trying to turn it into a me 609. i'm kind of into dual fuselage planes.

again thank you
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