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Looking for some information on some Helis


I'm a care bear...Really?
A good friend of mine contacted me asking if I was in the market for a few helis. I've never flow one so not sure I wanted to try. He sent me pictures of what he has and they seem to be decent little aircraft. I am guessing from the 90s. He has the manuals for all of them so he is going to get me model info. He is not sure what to ask and I don't know a single thing about nitro helis.
13579704_10154163753245155_936452123_o.jpg 13579809_10154163753300155_1812487520_o.jpg 13621350_10154163753170155_1642063806_o.jpg 13621567_10154163753345155_1390103172_o.jpg 13632634_10154163753235155_1908939525_o.jpg
This is what he has. More pictures to come. If you know anything about these aircraft please post up or contact me by PM.