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Lower camber wing on glider


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This isn't technically a scratch build question but I thought you might know the answer to this. I'm new to the sport and currently fly with a converted Gentle Lady... 3S Lipo, micro-servors, folding prop, etc. Flies fantastic and I love it because I get about an hour of soaring time on one charge.

I recently inherited a wing from a local RC guru who is no longer around. I have no idea what plane the wing came from, but it's nearly identical to the GL wing... same surface area, dihedral, etc. The only difference is that the donor wing has much less camber than the stock wing; the internal ribs aren't nearly as high. Question is, what will happen if I put it on a GL? Will it fly a little faster? Cut through the wind a little better? Or am I asking for trouble?



I would guess, everything else being equal, that it would be able to fly faster on the same motor/prop and would be more difficult to slow down that the current wing you have. It may also stall at a higher speed, but it may not be that straight forward.


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Put the wing on your plane and toss it without the motor running.
You will see if there is any need to put some small trim under the front or back of your new wing.
It should glide without much trim on your elevator.
It is normal to have different wings to a plane depending on the flying style and wind conditions - as well as using extra ballast weights to get better performance when windy.