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Lucky ACE - N4RF Thread

I had a few minutes today so I thought I'd start the build. What I thought I'd do is take a pic after each step and post them. There are a total of 51 steps so I may skip a few or combine some.

There is a quick problem at the end of this post that I hope someone has some insight in specifically dealing with this model.


The first two pics are those of the packaging and then some laid out on the table I'll be doing most of my build from.

package.jpg package_layout.jpg

Step 1. Bind nuts into the firewall

Step 2. Bind nuts into Wing Mount

Step 3. Wing Mount Plate into Former

Step 4. Building the Hatch. - This is where I came to a dead stop. I could not find the braces in the package. Here is a pic of the instructions. What I couldn't find are the three braces that come up from the bottom. 4__step_four.jpg

I sent a quick email to the folks at MM asking if I'm actually missing it or if it could be a piece on another sheet that I may be glossing over.

I stopped here since this is my first balsa model and didn't want to go too far into the model skipping steps along the way.

I know this is a long shot but has anyone who has built this model run into the same issues and then found the piece where they didn't expect to find it. The pieces are small enough that I'm guessing that they did not come packaged individually.

Thanks guys/gals and hope everyone is staying warm.
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Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
I've built it but don't remember any issues with not finding the parts. My guess is that you're just not seeing them, as they are part of one of the sheets, and not on their own. I do remember the hatch being the hardest part of the build, and the rest was very easy.

If I were to do it over I would not put the tail servos at the back, but would use the locations inside the main fuselage. With a 1300 3 cell it needs a touch of nose weight.

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
The curve. That's it. IIRC it is curved slightly to match the curve in top of the fuselage. If you don't find those MIA pieces you can make it work without them. Doing the magnet latch was also a tiny bit annoying. Be sure to add a string, piece of tape, or something to let you open the hatch once closed. That magnet works very well! I added a piece of covering to blend in as a small handle.
Thanks, I noticed the word "curve" in the instructions. Apparently the pieces that are missing have that curve to them.

I may be a while before I pick it up again but thank's for the heads up,


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As Joker said don't let the hatch hold you up and you can easily glue some scrap to it while holding it nested in place to hold the slight curve before you sheet the other side of the fuse. (so you can get your fingers in there). I got another Lucky Ace kit recently. I'll try to remember to pull it out when I get home tonight and see if I can scan the parts at full size and post the .pdf for you. I'm sick as a dog right now and am only thinking of the bed when I get home so it may or may not happen tonight.



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I did a format and install of Win7 this weekend and don't have everything installed for the printer so can't get a scan right now. I REALLY don't want to mess with the computer for at LEAST another year or two after this last mess so no scan.

Look for the sheet with one W-7 false rib, two W-9 and two W-12 ribs as well as former F-4 and the wingtips. The parts you're looking for are right under rib W-9. If you don't have that sheet then put in a frantic call to Brian. You won't be able to build the wing OR the fuse (without F-4) at this point.



Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Here's what I was mentioning about the slight curve to the hatch. If you look closely you'll see the bottom of those three pieces are flat and the top curves down slightly. If you simply glue the pieces together these three pieces will flatten out on top and the bottoms will bend, meaning your battery hatch will be flat.

The trick is to assemble it, clamp it, hold it with weights, what ever it takes, so that the hatch curves slightly and these pieces remain as cut. This is NOT a major issue either way. The worst case scenario is you have a flat battery hatch that doesn't follow the curve of the fuselage. Most people won't even notice it unless you point it out, but details like that bother me when I'm building.


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I'm starting to worry that his problems are bigger than just the hatch pieces. I don't see the needed sheet in his pictures unless it's underneath one of the other sheets. If it's not there he's in a ground stop situation. Can't finish the fuse and can't build the wing. Bummer.


Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Good point, I don't see it in Pic #2 either.

I'd recommend e-mailing AND calling Brian at MM ASAP to get the piece sent out (assuming it's actually missing).
Just got back into town and will try to pick this up again this weekend. I tried emailing MM but will have to try another addy since they never responded.

I've been through the bag 3 times and no luck.
I'm going to go through the entire bag one more time tomorrow - it will be the fourth of fifth time in total - and check again. I hadn't actually seen your pic until after posting earlier tonight because the pic and the second comment were on different pages. Having seen it now it will make it easier to look for but I'm not hopeful.
I did but haven't even opened the package. It came about the time I started on this marathon of work travel. Hope to get more into it in late march but for now everything is on hold.


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Glad to hear it's all there and the parts mix ups are resolved - good luck getting through the next several weeks then!