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Macross VF-4 Lightning III 64mm EDF Build/Project

I'm not new to scratch building, and I've had in interest in edfs ever since I saw a model jet. I've also had an interest in the Robotech planes after watching the many series. So I decided to build one, and I chose the VF-4,one of the most feasible looking planes from the show.


Wing: 48".
Length: ???.
Motor: 2 Grayson hobby 64mm edfs (Viggen).


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I started with the 2 engine pods.I use the thrust tube former templates from the FT Viggen for reference for my formers. It's going to have thrust vectoring for a little more control.


I need 2 engines. So poof, I made 2.:)


I work on the top pieces where the tails go later.
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I'm back, and I finally managed to make some progress. I've been working on the fuselage, and I'm really liking the result:
IMG_20190916_223227822.jpg IMG_20190916_223239119.jpg

I was going for the new FT master series look. So, I started with battery box and work out some formers. The formers are all doubled for strength with the exception of one(the 4th former from the left in picture 2).
IMG_20190917_085501715.jpg IMG_20190917_085621690.jpg IMG_20190917_085629677.jpg

I started to form the foam around the formers by section, with the section for the canopy being the last one I did. When I say I went through a lot of foam in this process trying to get them perfect, I went through a LOT OF FOAMo_O. I still need to tweek one of the angles on the nose cone and adjust the kanard's length, but I'm loving the result I got.
IMG_20190828_100052167.jpg IMG_20190828_100102544.jpg IMG_20190917_090907233.jpg
IMG_20190916_223227822.jpg IMG_20190916_223239119.jpg

I also documented all this stuff for the purpose of future plans:):cool:.

Now I just need the Canopy, which I will work on later.
This looks cool. AND your off to a great start.

The cockpit section has me wondering how those canards being angled like that and having such a short distance ahead of the main wing will effect control. Specially using thrust vectoring.

Might want to consider leaving them off untill proof of flight then add them to see if there is any effect of flight characteristics.

Im sure more experienced engineers and pilots could give some thoughts on this as Im usually not even in the ball park when pondering things like this.:unsure:o_O