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Maiden Flight, Epic Crash [Scratch build fail]


Freehand Scratch Builder

This video of my maiden was pretty catastrophic... as in, wing failure and skydive ;). Enjoy!

Notes on plane: it was a bad design in the first place, the wing was very weak, and couldn't withstand its own weight in a dive :p. I had intent on scrapping it, but decided to maiden it first, to get a kick out of it. I did not expect it to break in half though :).

My intent was to build an FPV platform similar to the Skywalker, and mount my FPV gear on the front, but the design was too weak, so I'm done with that plane :).


Active member
It looks to me that your motor pitch was too much, hence the diving under throttle, which i'm thinking you already know. For that wing try a kfm3 wing. Google kfm designs and adapt to your existing design. I'd choose this method over a spar as the kfm3 will give you a lot of lift to hold your equipment.
Still smiling at the end...so overall a success.

I agree with Jamboree1 or you could use an ARMIN wing (experimental airlines). You may also want to reinforce the tail with a carbon or extra foam board spar to add a little strength were the tail thins out to allow for the pusher prop.