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massive tricopter crash. help me understand why

Well this is what happened, I got the electrohub tricopter built it and flew it stock on the flip 1.5. Made about 7 flights in the stock configuration and it flew solid. The only complaint I had was that the yaw was slow compared to what I wanted . I went into the multiwiigui and changed the yaw rate under the rates and expo tab from the stock 0 to .5 after the change I went out for another flight with about 3 mph wind and I loved it.yaw was snappy and fast. Flew for about 4 min pattern work hovering... I then wanted to get a higher altitude shot with my gopro so went up to about 250 300 ft and started a slow yaw spin for a 360 degree shot at about 270 degrees shit got serious and the tricopter started a rapid yaw spin. That became faster and faster and would not come out of it. Opposite rudder did nothing cutting power did nothing (except cause it to spin. While falling) after I realized the tricopter had gone Rouge it became a salvage mission trying to minimize damage upon my rapidly approaching landing unfortunately as I got withing 15 ft of the ground I gave it a 1 sec burst of full power to try and slow the controlled crash but this just change the crafts trajectory and it collided full bore with a loan dumpster next to the field I was flying at causing extensive damage to my disgruntled tricopter*

Being relatively new to multirotors does anyone have any idea what might have happened? Has anyone ever experienced a tricopter flight go from awesome to bat shitting yaw insanity. Was changing my yaw rate from 0 to .5 to much? Why did my tricopter betray me.
I just want go get a better idea of what happened so when rebuild I don't repeat this mistake
Well my issues were due to a faulty transmitter. Did your servo lock in one direction? Or maybe it disconnected mid flight that happened to me a few times of you are using the rc explorer style mount. I am waiting for flight tests new yaw thingy to come out. Best of luck to you.