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Mavic Pro shipping delays

I pre-ordered the DJI Mavic Pro towards the end of October. Unfortunately DJI has had massive shipping delays due to the unforeseen overwhelming demand for the Mavic Pro. Needless to say, I've yet to receive mine. Has anyone received their's yet? If so, about when did you order it? (I've been trying to figure out about how much longer I'll have to wait)


Flite Test Groupie
Good luck with the wait. There is a very long thread on RC groups of people waiting. Some have ordered from places in late November and have already received them and a few have found them sitting in Apple stores. Some orders from DJI up through 10/2 have been delivered but not all. Some dealers have gotten them but not there full orders, so they can not fulfill there orders as promised. It is quite a mess.

Since I missed ordering at the launch (9/28) , I thought it best to try getting from a dealer. I ordered in mid October (HeliDirect) and they said 11/30 deliver but now it is 12/31. A second order I placed (VeryDrone) in late November, with a promise delivery of 2nd or 3rd week of December, which I believe is not going to happen either. I was hoping to use it for work, but the P4Pro is looking more interesting as time passes.