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Micro Sea Plane

Hi, I would like to see a Micro Sea Plane!

There is an FT video for stuff done with Ultra Micro electronics called "Micro Plane Proyects" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrRHxwcK7Z4&t=35s

We have a bunch of pools (few lakes and plenty beaches) down here in Costa Rica and it would be quite nice to build something that can fly off from a pool, fly around it and land back in the water again while being small enough not to bother other people around.

The cool thing about this is that you can carry it anywhere!


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Hola Jose!

There was a post not long ago that had a nice and stable little float plane. You might find this interesting.

If you like that then check out the forum thread where you can see more including videos.

But please tell us more about yourself. Cuéntanos about your time in the hobby, what you've built/flown, and maybe how popular it is down there.

Bienvenido al forum.
Hi Jim,
That's a nice little fellow! I'll try that out just for fun! Still, it is a bit too big for what I was thinking....

About me.... I started on RC when I was 5 with an old Futaba AM transmitter (those were dark days for rc...), so I've built my fair share of planes (mostly out of balsa for nitro engines) since it was a bit difficult to get them down here... Over time I've flown Nitro planes, Gassers, Helis (thankfully I got rid of them!), electric cars (started on the original RC10), nitro boats, electric boats and now I'm getting into Electric planes (so far so good!).

I've already built some of the FT small models, and one of my favorites is the Pun Jet! That thing really calls for your skills and attention! Now I adopted an Eflight ultra micro bipe that is junk and I'm looking to build an ultra micro sea plane that I can store under my car's seat so I can take it anywhere!

My actual hangar is basicly: 100cc QQ Pitts Python, Modeltech Magic (v1), Pun Jet, Bloody Wanderer, Mighty Mini Sparrow, RA Cores Nitro Gremlin and Morris Hobbies 0.35 Sukhoi

The hobby down here has always bin a a bit small because the flying grounds are not so abundant, but lately, with the small electric planes it has been growing a lot and you are starting to see people flying on regular parks and socer fields.

I think that's about it on me... so.... Thanks for the welcome



Building Fool-Flying Noob

I like where you're going with this idea. have since I've seen it. the AP-sea duck is a A-motor class, but you're looking at brushed or 5g motor class... that is in a class of it's own.

What about taking the sea duck and printing it to WR card stock. get the guts from the C-17-Transport from Banggood and use that. It would be basic flight style. (throttle and diff for up and steer). Or use a Micro-F-22 Raptor Build setup or the nnTigerMoth setups, and a bunch of 1.7g servos.

Which breaks down to:
6.4g HD1610 3400kv Motor
5030 Gemfan Prop - 5" Maximum Prop Size
6AMP Plush ESC
1.7g Servo x2 - Dual Elevon Setup - I also know that 3.7G servos will work.
Micro Receiver - If using larger servos, you can also use a standard size receiver.
Gift Card Firewall and Servo Horns
180-260mah 2s