Mighty Mini Warbirds Winter 2015-16


I'd be interested in this as well. If they were never finished that's fine, looked like a lot of work. However, looking to do some wicked Stuka dives :cool:

A JU-87 would be tooo cool. Who had a COX .049 control line when they were a kid . I did :) smashed it about three flights in lol
I think i still have chunks of it in my basement. lol


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The models that are to be released:

-A6M2 Zero;
-P-40 Warhawk;
-F4F Wildcat;
-F6F Hellcat;
-T-28 Trojan;
-P-47 Thunderbolt;
-Douglas DC-3/C-47 (twin-engine);
-JU-86 Stuka;
-T-6 Texan.

Are these still in the works? I would love to make the JU-86, FW-190 and the BF-109. Have the plans been designed yet?