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Mini FT F-22 Battery Size

My latest build is a Mini FT-22. I plan on running a 2206 with a 5x4.5x3 prop on 3s and am hoping a 1300mah will balance well. I have 1 850mah I could use but I'm hoping to use it on my Mini Mustang without charging in between. Still building up my battery inventory; currently have 1 3s 850mah, 1 3s 1300 mah, 1 3s 1500mah, 2 3s 2200mah, and 1 4s 2200mah. So thoughts on using a 1300 or should I plan for 850?


Elite member
I've built 1 mini and two regular - I prefer the bigger plane because its easier to see and flys better. I'm putting KF wings on the full size F22. For the mini I would plan for the 850 mAh,, especially to get used to flying it. At some point you can probably put the 1300 in but be aware it will change the handling characteristics a lot. I've got 4 700mah bats because they are cheap. Not quite the same flight time but its a smaller investment.