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Mini Octo build with electroHub. Sketchup model video.

Hey guys. Please excuse my noob post. first time posting.

I am planning a mini octo build. This is a quick sketchup model of the plan so far.

Basically I want a small 450 or smaller size craft that can carry a gopro with a 2/3 axis gimbal, has a normal flight time (10-15 minutes) and some redundancy with motor/prop failure, and has good stability. I also want to see how lots of small motors would work on a craft.

What I came up with is a little 20" diameter octo using 5-7" props. My plan is to build it with motors that are compatible with 3s/4s, as well as appropriate ESCs. I dont see why with 8 motors this wouldnt be able to carry 5000mAh+, so it could potentially get decent flight times. I plan on doing prototypes with 1/2" wooden square dowels, and using an electroHub for wiring. Naza M V2 fc, and frsky for tx/rx.

What do you guys think of this idea? Ive never gotten ecalc to work for me, as I can never put in accurate enough info.

Worth trying or no?

ps. the landing gear is based on the anycopter hex landing gear.