1. Bristol Scout repaired

    Bristol Scout repaired

    I gave the scout’s pilot Nigel a scarf and put a nice wood prop on the plane. I also replaced the 72mhz system that was older than me with Spektrum.
  2. RossFPV


    I have not seen much about scouts with floats so I decided to make a thread dedicated to scouts. Here you can show tips, build progress and flying videos!
  3. flitetest

    Plane FT Simple Scout XL 1.5

    FT Simple Scout XL Designed By: Josh Bixler and Dan Sponholz Plans By: Dan Sponholz Firewall STL : Gear Plate STL:
  4. CustomRCMods

    The OFFICIAL CustomRCMods Fleet Record and RC Journey Thread

    Hey guys, Been meaning to make a thread like this for a while now, Ive been running out of space in my signature for my full fleet, so I thought I would make this thread and keep it up to date with my entire RC Fleet, and also post about my journey along the way. This is in no way an attempt...
  5. Simple Scout 3.0

    Simple Scout 3.0

  6. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Power Pack B Cessna O-1 Bird Dog

    Here's my first somewhat successful build: a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog Army Scout. After my first overambitious Stearman crashed I decided I needed to start with something simpler, so I started work on a this Cessna C-180 ( After...
  7. KingWookie

    Anyone here not like the powerpod design?

    Hi Everyone, Right now I'm working on building an FT Scout from the speed build kit. I was really impressed with the kit overall but one thing I don't like about the FT designs are the powerpods. I can never seem to get them to be mounted stably. When I put my PP in the plane with the bbq...
  8. Winglet

    New Scout Super Sport!

    The FT Scout is no doubt one of Flite Test's best designed and best flying models. Josh did a great job on this one! If you haven't built a Simple Scout yet you should consider it. They fly great in either the 3 or 4 channel configuration. Here is my latest Scout Build. Look closely, it...
  9. jpot1

    FT Simple Scout V-Tail Edition

    I love my simple scout and recently was looking at the new Durafly Bonanza v-tail and thought I could definitely build that. First step, I figured I would take a proven fuselage setup and work on converting it as I had never built a v-tail before. Design came together very quickly, stretched...
  10. B

    Emax MT2213 still good for 120% Simple Scout?

    Hello guys! This is my first post here :). I want to build the Simple Scout from depron, and I have already bought the recommendeed Emax MT2213 motor for it. But as I'm using 6mm depron instead of DTFB, I decided to scale the plans to 125% so I don't have to fiddle with slot widths and lots of...
  11. H

    Straight Scout Mod

    This is a Modification to the original Ft Scout plans that an engineer friend of mine made, where all of the curves have been changed to straight lines. It makes for a much faster build. As far as i can tell it flies just as wonderfully as the original Scout. If there is any interest I can...
  12. JGplanes

    3D printed FT Simple Scout fusalage

    On the forums a while back someone asked about combining foam board and 3D printing. I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that if you could replace the fuselage, you would eliminate half the work of building a traditional FT foamy. So, I started working on a 3D printed fuselage for the...
  13. G

    Motor Choice for FT Simple Scout

    Hi Guys. So I am planning my first scratch build using electronics from a second hand build that I bought that was destroyed (By a tree) All the electronics are fine (Including servos) And i'm planning on using everything for the Simple Scout. My question is about the motor. The Motor is...
  14. G

    Flite test plans decryption!

    Hi guys. I want to be brief as it's 3.30 am over here in the UK. And I'm having that kind of early morning thought. Planning. I have two questions (so far!) About the plans that Flite Test offer. My first: What is the sheet and tile key for? The second: is the CG measurement (in the case...
  15. Michael9865

    Mini-Scout Biplane With Plans

    Here is my attempt to make a biplane out of the Flite Test Mini-Scout. The wing span is barely over 24" and 5 31/32" wide. I stretched the fuselage a little. I also changed and enlarged the tail feathers a little bit. The bottom wing has 1 43/64" of dihedral. The top wing has no dihedral, but is...
  16. MojoFlyer

    Mini Scout vs. Mini Speedster

    Currently learning to fly on my FT Tiny Trainer (3 channel). Had my first full battery flight without crashing last night. I have narrowed down my second plane to the Mini Scout or the Mini Speedster. I like the looks of the Speedster better, but more important is which one is easier to fly...
  17. JamesWhom

    Big FT Scout

    Hey everyone, I am wanting to build an FT mighty mini Scout - however I don't want it to be mini. I would like it to be 200% of the original size. I know Flitetest said that they were going to release a bigger swappable version of the scout soon, however I want one now! I also want to make it...