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Monkey pictures


Rotor Riot!

It went up in the tree, then it fell down again; does that count?

This plane set me back $40. I wish I had never bought it, it lasted like 8 flights and then the wings ripped loose. Now I'm saving up for a Bixler...


Gremlin on the Wing
Treetop Trio.jpg Sorry, couldn't resist! :D
I don't have any photos, but my maiden flight with the Bixler ended in a tree, with a shattered spar. That was the first of three times it's hugged a tree. But I never have trouble getting it down safe, I'm a tree climber by profession. :cool: Thats me on the left.


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The ladder reached up to where the branches started. The plane was up more than twice the lengt of the ladder.

This one is not high at all - just "protecting" the pilot place.


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Treed Champ

Here's my treed Champ (in the yellow square). Took 4 days of trying and almost being arrested for hanging around the park to get down. Used a Long ladder and even longer pole with a hook on the end to knock it down in a couple of pieces. Some glue and a new set of tail feathers and we're good to go!
treed.jpg Image0080.jpg


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A chainsaw would've been easier...
Det är en tall, eller hur pgerts?
Chainsaws and guns are no sport ;-)
A tall pine in the a.... called "fereporra" in our part of sweden.
I have to be careful with the language if i dont want to write in "the adult forum".

from the artistic forum - we just want to look up your skirt!!!!:p bubsteve
Upskirt pictures are banned - also in the adult forum according to the monkey.

This is not a tall.......

Just a bush.

But this..
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