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Motor mount misalignment


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Those have 12mm holes, very annoying. You can make a template and drill more holes, make one out of plain modelling ply or 3d print one. The Hobbyking version of that motor here fits the wider spacing of the standard FT firewall.


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pretty sure i have a few 12mm offset's 3D printed up already. i use that motor all the time. if you want, PM me your address and i will slip one in the mail tomorrow.

let me know soon, heading to mexico friday and will be on a beach and out of touch for a couple days.


me :cool:


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I usually only get 2 of the holes with that motor to line up. It's fine, just put a dab of hot glue over them once they're tight. You can always get it off with a little bit of iso-alcohol.


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You missed @mrjdstewart ’s offer as he’s now sunning himself on the beach in Mexico...
On the bright side 2 mins with a 2.5mm drill and you should be good to fly!