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motor size conversion

I have a old 480 motor and pusher prop from a begin air that still works good with 3 servos working. I want to put it in a long ez. Is that plane the right scale for it? I am having problems finding a conversion chart.


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Conversion charts are hard to find. I have better results looking at the Kv and watts. Motors with similar Kv and watts are going to give similar results. Another indication is prop size. If two motors have similar prop size and RPM, they will have similar performance.

So the question remains will your motor work on the Long Ez, I’d compare it to the recommended motor.
i had to do some looking just to find out its a 480. not sure what it means. no idea what kv or watts it is. It has a 30 amp esc. The FT long ez uses FT Power pack A. Im not sure, but I think the 480 is closer to the B or C Power pack because of the 30 amp Esc. I just dont know.
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no idea what kv or watts it is. It has a 30 amp esc.
Watts = Amps x Volts. How many volts will it take? If it is 3S, then you know it is less than 360 watts (30x12). With watts and prop size, you can still make a reasonable comparison.


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It's a good idea to check the specs of the planes first (Google is your friend). The Begin Air is approx 40 inch span weighing 23 oz. The FT easy is approx 20 inch span and will weigh a lot less. The begin air is specd to use 8 cell NiMH which is 9.6 volts so you will need to check the current draw if you intend to use 3S Lipo (11.1V). If you want to use this in a long EZ I would suggest scaling up the plans by a minimum of 150%.