Multi Rotor Training


You know i was thinking with the "DRONE" craze everyone is buying and usually crashing Multirotors. I learned so much from the video Alex and Josh posted titles "How to fly Multirotors"
What do you all think of trying to maybe put together a hands on learning experience for new multirotor pilots? With just the few minutes i got to talk with Alex at Flitefest and following what he gave me as solid information I'm a much safer and aware multirotor pilot than i would have been. I am no pro but i have not had any near misses or dangerous situations because of what i learned from good pilots.

Just a thought



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We've been asking for a Multirotor Beginner Series for quite a while now. :)


You know i am no expert and still really new to it but I'm all about helping others learn. If i need to help head that up I am all about it.


OK so who is with me on getting something organized on this?

I think this could be an easy way to help people get a good experience and not feel like they have wasted all the money that they invested


Flite is good

Hit Flyingmonkey with a Private Message. Start brain storming and have some sort of general idea as to what you might like to do. Then pitch your idea to him.


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I think this is a great idea! I wish I were experienced enough to teach. I would actually become a student as I can fly but not real well yet. If my experience improves before FTFF 2015, I would be more than ***** to help in any way I could.

I think with the Multirotor pilots we have here in the forums, they could help come up with a great training program or aid to really make this a worthwhile venture.

Eddie, count me in for helping. I will be thinking of the things I would like to know and we can start brain storming and see what we can come up with. I will see if I can get some interest from some of the other guys and try and get them to help!!!