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Multiplayer dogfighting drone simulator development

Hi Guys!
Keeping the upcoming bad weather in mind, when you can't fly your quads, I've been working on a programming project for a while, where I write a multi-rotor simulator game. My goal is to achieve the maximum realism, and this includes physics simulation, fully customizable aricrafts with real life specs, and PID tuning. Oh, and did I mention, that is has guns? Lots of guns!
It also can be played in multiplayer mode. The only game mode right now is dogfighting, but I plan to add many more, such as team deathmatch, CTF, and king of the hill.
It will be completely FREE!*

Could you guys tell me that is this a good, or a bad idea, would you try it out gladly, or it's a complete disaster?
Also if you are interested, could you suggest me additional features, or map places?
If the majority likes the idea, I will share the game with you, but it's still in very early development.
+Do you have any good name suggestions for the game?
Looking forward to the feedbacks. :D**
*As long as the servers can keep up with the demand.
**Sorry for my bad english.


Senior Member
Sounds like a fun project! I would be thrilled to try it out. Does it use computer controls or a transmitter? Is there a single player mode with computer generated opposition?
I subscribed to follow your progress.
There is a Singleplayer mode, and I will add bots soon, but don't expect any high level AI, even the pathfinding is a big issue for me.
The game scans for joystick devices, so if your system can't recognize the transmitter as a gamepad, you have to install an emulator for that, such as SmartPropoPlus.
I would Gladly add the feature of transmitter recognition, but unfortunately My transmitter Can't be connected to PC.
I'm happy that you are excited, I'll try my best.
ooooooh interesting!!! :)
would certainly be glad to test if I may. But I am a noob not an expert in multicopter-flying, but you would need some of those as testers too, won't you? :)